Tulasi Pooja @ Madhuvan, Singapore :)

There is atleast 2 blog posts in draft mode to be posted before this one but pending baggage should not affect the current happening 🙂

Post marriage, it was the first pooja in Singapore which my wife and me celebrated away from home but with much excitement leading towards it.

“Tulasi Pooja” it was, in other words the wedding of goddess Tulasi. A small ritual in our culture whereby the Tulasi plant is decorated with lots of flowers and rangoli (an art made of colored powder or of colored chalks), sweets and fruits offered to goddess Tulasi, chant some Tulasi Astotara (stotras) and offer pooja at the end. I must say, back in my house at Manipal, this festival is celebrated in a grand way whereby a small tulasi is created out of mud and tulasi planted in it. Reason being, as Goddess tulasi is getting married, her sister has to be beside her during the time of marriage (a hindu ritual called “deddi”). Lots of sweets, crackers all around. Miss all of it!

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