A fun filled Foodie Get-Together :)

It was an amazing get together with friends yesterday – A Foodie One I must say 🙂

Ambica is a lady who is always kind and smiling with a heart so wide open that she has always been there for me here ever since I moved to SG. Whenever I need her the most and by most which has 99% been for yummy konkani delicacies 😉 – a home away from home, she has been there 🙂

Yesterday was one more foodie get together at Ambica’s, with Raghu, Sudhir, Rohith and the lovely couple 😉 (no prizes for guessing here 😛 ). As usual, full of fun, a lot of food and still more food happened. 🙂

With Raghu & Sudhir turning into forced bachelorhood, Rohith about to leave bachelorhood, this meet up was nice but would have been more fun if Aks and Jaya too were around with the kids. Nonetheless, Jhankis were not deprived of 🙂 and the menu was quite a thing with a fish starter, paneer chilly, stuffed mushroom and paneer ghee roast. All finger licking good (yeah, I meant it for the veggie part here 😛 ). Main course had Pulav with Raita and Pomfret fish (as I heard it 😀 ) cooked inside a banana leaf. Drools heard over the room 😀

Paneer Ghee Roast
Paneer Ghee Roast
Paneer Chilly
Stuffed Mushrooms
Chicken Something 😀
Pomfret Masala on Banana leaf

Master Vinayak with his super energetic “Bappa” calls filled total energy to the evening and yes those “Pachi” calls did pinch a bit 😛 (Mugdha are you reading? 😛 )

The Kokke Gang :)
The Kokke Gang 🙂

Thanks Ambica and Bavaji for being such an amazing host, having us all over for this amazing evening. A BBQ early 2017 on the cards 🙂