Amma & Annu :)

The word “AMMA” has so much meaning to it, that it just cannot be described in words & can only be felt. In the same way, “ANNU” is also that word which gives you that proud feeling and also yes some fear too 😉  Everyone will agree with me on this. 🙂

Today being ‘Mother’s Day’, I felt about dedicating this post specially for you AMMA 🙂



Everyday is ‘Mother’s Day’ and we should always make it count by sending out our love and warmth as much as possible to the person who brought us to this earth and has given us a life to live.

To begin with, like every other mother, my amma too has sacrificed a lot in order to teach us the importance of life. I would like to recollect a few instances below which me and my brother always experienced from both amma and annu:

  1. Love & Care: They always taught us how to love back and care for others in-spite of others not doing so for us. Hatred is something that they always tried to flush off from our minds anytime we spoke about or got angry on someone. ‘They have done it, if we too do it, then whats the difference between them and us?’ – they always told us. 🙂 So true right? Ignoring those people in life will make our life more happier and joyful.
  2. Faith: Amma always made sure that we had faith in ourselves and in goddess malshi. We were taught cultural as well as religious values which helped us keep ourselves grounded under any situations that came across. Sandhyavandane is one thing she always told me to perform wherever I go. 15mins in front of god each day is nothing but that is the least that we can do, she always said. I still remember being asked by my engineering college mates – ‘Hey, why do you need to do all this? Even if you don’t, nobody will know’ and I replied – ‘I do it for myself, I will know right? :)’. These are the things that made us realize value about faith.
  3. Openness: ‘Being vocal about your feelings, about your thought process, about your ideas, about anything and everything to your family’ – This is something that we were always encouraged to do, so that we don’t keep things in mind and let that cause a blockage. Not every kid in this world shares this kind of bonding with their family. It is not easy. The moment you start sharing, your family helps you come out of the situation which on your own, may or may not be possible. In turn family turns out to you as well for suggestions and inputs. Its a proud feeling of giving some suggestion to your dad about purchasing a bike or a car or be it any household matter. Putting across the ideas or thoughts to my family helped me be confident in putting across the same to my colleagues, friends and even my boss.
  4. Apologize: The word ‘Sorry’ may be comprising of just 5 letters but the weight-age of that word is immense. Trust me, it is not easy to say ‘Sorry’ with all your heart. ‘Amma always told us and even now she tells us, if you are wrong, no matter who the person is, you need to apologize. Whether they accept or not is their problem, you have to do your job.’
  5. Hard-work: We all read in articles that there is no shortcut to success than hard-work. When you are a kid, you do nothing but enjoy playing rather than reading articles and its they who taught us about hard-work, determination and perseverance when we take up any kind of work. Not just studies, be it cleaning the hall on a Sunday or even watering the plants in the garden once in blue moon 😀 We were paid 10rs for our hard-work of washing annu’s car 🙂 That joy was amazing!
  6. Love what you do: This is something that is always needed for a child. Not forcing upon the kid to do or learn something and letting the kid perceive what he wants. We were always given that freedom to do what we love to do. I learnt hindustani classical music and tabla for 6 years while my brother took up drawing. I took up engineering and he took up CA. It was our choice and they helped us through it. Sports was something that I was always into be it any kind. Did my E&C in engineering, worked as web developer, did masters in Embedded and now working on something related to telephony 🙂 Its been a roller coaster ride but I love what I do and they always stand by me and give me that confidence by reposing the faith in me 🙂
  7. Fear: This is something that as a kid everyone would have. Fear about darkness, fear about exams, fear about life.
    To get rid of my fear of darkness, I still remember she never used to come along with me to the bathroom and she sat in the hall and told me – ‘Keep calling me, I will respond and hence you know I am with you. Nobody will come to take you from there. They have to cross me first’ 🙂 Whenever I went to pee in the evening or at night, the same exercise was repeated and that fear vanished off shortly thereafter 🙂
    I had huge fear of exams. Trust me, I used to tremble with the thought of exams. Annu would tell me – ‘Did you read? Yes. Then don’t worry. You watch Amitabh Bacchan in movies, later you don’t see him for sometime, do you forget him? No right? Its the same way here.’ 🙂 This instilling of confidence and putting faith on us, worked wonders. I excelled in my Masters and stood out first 🙂
    ‘Where am I heading into? What will I do in life? Will I succeed and achieve what I want to?’ – These were the questions that haunted me post my engineering and sitting idle without a job. That is when they taught me how to face the fear of life by accepting things as they come and face it rather than crib about it. Being by me, amma gave me that strength and pushed me hard to take whatever comes my way if I have the belief. Today what I am is because of them. 🙂

The list will be never ending! 🙂 I can keep writing as I drive down the memory lane and it is an absolutely amazing and refreshing feeling to go down through that time. I will always be grateful to amma & annu for all the things that they have done to us. Again, words cannot describe the feeling and affection. The bond just goes stronger as seconds pass by. Its absolutely wonderful to be your kid 🙂 We as kids sometimes hurt you unknowingly, so please forgive us for any such things. Your happiness, love and care is all that we crave for. With your blessings we can scale any heights and with you by our side we can face anything that is thrown at us. Jai mahlsa. 🙂


Lots of Love,
Muki & Mannu


3 thoughts on “Amma & Annu :)

  1. It’s simply superb… Immensely glad to have children like you… down to earth with the best of virtues in life & well qualified…. Something we always wanted you to possess… We wish you both the best of health, enough wealth and prosperity. Remember to be the same always, the same what you are now, come what may. God bless. Let Lord Mahalasa be with you. And Always.
    Yours friendly
    Dad n Mom

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