Travel Diaries :: Kusu Islands, Singapore

Travel is something that we all often do. Blogging about it is something we seldom do 🙂 Visited quite few places in Singapore which are “NOT THE ONES HIGHLIGHTED” in Places to visit in Singapore and I felt the need that a small post about these has to be written so that somewhere someone searches gets this post 🙂
Singapore itself being an island, is surrounded by plenty others where by Singaporeans always love to visit and spend their weekends! One such is Kusu Island. 🙂
Located just about 7kms from Singapore which can be reached via ferry in a matter of 20 minutes, this island is absolutely magnificent. An ideal getaway place from the hustle bustle of the busy city life, it also helps you to relax and soothe your eyes.

The Small lil Island
Singapore Island cruise which helps out via Ferry service from Marina South Pier takes about 20mins to Kusu Island for $18 to and fro ticket. Actually the trip is from Marina South Pier -> St. Johns Island -> Kusu Island but we probably went at the wrong time as ferry service to St. Johns island was terminated due to Chineese festival at Kusu. Nonetheless, the ferry timing was quite good with a gap of 15mins between each.

Serene Island! #Singapore #SomewhereInSingapore

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Tortoises Welcome!


I must say, do not expect much from this place in terms of connectivity, food and entertainment! This is ideal only to relax with family or may be a huge team of friends or colleagues. There is a Chinese temple right in the middle of the island and also a shrine up the hill. Apart from this there are these beautiful huts alongside the island whereby you can relax and spend your time. The lagoons helps those water enthusiasts to wade through which has only sea water coming up to knee length depth.

Chinese Temple at #kusuisland #Singapore

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This was one such trip where wife and myself prepared so well for. End result was not magnificent, when compared to the preparation 🙂 The reason being, St. Johns island was taken off the schedule. I definitely do not regret the trip down to Kusu as the travel via ferry through the sea is one amazing experience with the Singapore coast view. My sweet wife had prepared food for us and all that we did was take it, show the food the island, come back home and then eat 😀  As the island is quite small and you cannot stay there overnight, there is not much of entertainment around. A tortoise pool welcomes you as the island name Kusu in Chinese means ‘Tortoise’. It is said that, to save 2 ship wrecked people, a tortoise converted itself into an island. 🙂

Lone tree along the shore #singapore #lonetree #tree #seashore #mesmerizing

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Wading through the lagoon was fun. In Singapore beaches, not many places you have the luxury to venture out into water along the beach side as it is quite deep, but here there was no such fear. Missed to get our selfie stick which I felt was a major loss 😦 Many of the photographs would have come even better with it. Nonetheless, it was treat for the eyes as well as for the camera lens 🙂
SG Skyline
SG Skyline

Would I recommend this place to others? Yes, a big huge Yes! Go there with a huge bunch of folks and it will be worth every minute 🙂


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