Frost The Trail – Charity Run at SG!

Team Tetherfi was proud to be associated with a Charity Run – “Frost The Trail” which was organised by Frost and Sullivan, with two teams consisting of 4 each registered for a 5km run at Macritchie Reservoir 🙂 I must say, our team was very excited about the run as majority of the personnel running were doing so for the first time in their life which added on to the excitement and with few pro runners too in the team and some much needed tips from them helped as well.
Saturday, 13th August, 06:30am, it all started with lots of warm up and motivation followed by the mandatory “Before the Run” picture :
Before the Run
Before the Run

I must say, seeing the people who were participating in the run it was truly mind blowing. Singaporeans are meant to be fitness freaks and all those could be seen around, geared up and rearing to go! People here just need a reason to exercise, such is the motivation level. The preparations for the run from Team Tetherfi, I must say was impressive given the time that we could allocate for it and also our fitness level 🙂 On the word “GO” at 07:30am, we were off! Cumulative time of 4 from each team based on their BIB numbers was taken for the results. The trail of 5kms inside the reservoir was absolutely magnificent. Words cannot describe the beauty of nature and Singapore’s Macritchie Reservoir people have retained the natural beauty amidst delivering some amazing facilities in the reservoir park.
Green, Green and more Green!
Mind Blowing View - 5km Trail
Mind Blowing View – 5km Trail
With huffing and puffing (not everyone but a couple of us in the team 😛 ) we managed to cross the 5km finish line in style 🙂 The first one to complete at 30mins+ and the last one at 37mins+ which I must say was too good with so so less preparations 🙂 Kudos to Team Tetherfi! We all were overwhelmed upon completing the run. The feeling was truly splendid. Even though we did not finish in the top 5, it was totally worth it.
My BIB :)
My BIB 🙂
Finish :)
Finish 🙂


Exhausted but totally happy :)
Exhausted but totally happy 🙂
Post the run, we were served with snacks and much needed tins of 100 Plus Isotonic drinks and then came the prize distribution followed by the lucky draw. I was lucky enough to win a Jabra Bluetooth headset 🙂
Lucky Me :)
Lucky Me 🙂
We winded up the day by walking across the Nature Trail of the reservoir which was approximately 7.5kms! The destination was the “Tree Top Walk” but most of us were so tired to make it for another 2kms one way.
Nature Trail
Nature Trail
Nonetheless, an eventful run with lots of calories burnt and more than anything else it was a kickstart for a regular exercise regime for all of us at Team Tetherfi!
Team Tetherfi with Manoj Menon, Head of Frost and Sullivan
Team Tetherfi with Manoj Menon, Head of Frost and Sullivan

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