A Day of Surprise! :)

Singapore has been like a home away from home for me with many of GSB community friends and having those frequent meet-ups which is always fun. By being an active member of the GSB community, the new families that you meet back from India always adds up to the spice 🙂 Its always that amazing feeling of meeting a Konkani person or for that matter anyone from India in some other country! The feeling that “Oh, our people are here as well” 🙂 Amazing feeling to get when you are far from your loved ones. 🙂

June being holidays for schools in SG, my friends here were planning to go on a vacation to India and a get together was being planned since quite long with various ideas of BBQ party, Pot Luck etc were flying and as usual I was just being informed on the developments by my friend or rather now I can say a sister(Ambica Kudva) and Bavaji (Vidhyadhar Kudva). Ambica is my best friend Namrathas cousin and hence ever since I moved here to SG they have been a part of everything 🙂 I was in middle of a project delivery with the roll out being planned for 28th of May. A get together was planned for 22nd May and I obliged with the dates as my roll-out would not interfere but little did I know the roll out would get pre-poned due to some month end freeze. There I was stuck with 2 events to attend to and none I could miss. I must say, 3 as the third one was a T20 game which I would talk about in separate blog post all together 🙂

It was going to be a touch and go situation for the noon get together as always these implementations are scheduled on Saturday night and running overnight until almost 9am. If no issues are found during the implementation then it usually ends up earlier. Lucky for me there were no major issues during the implementation (pats back :P) but the sign off did take time and went up to post 11am in the morning. Yes, from previous day 9pm to next day 11am! Ambica was really hell bent on me attending the get-together and little did I realize all through out that there was something cooking behind closed doors. This is what happens when you are in middle of a project deployment 😛 You tend to forget your very own existence but I must say, the amazing feeling you get post the rollout is absolutely mind blowing. 🙂


I reached her place around 11:30am to be greeted by the cute lil prince – Vinayak 🙂 He is such a darling with the amazing smile that he has and his love and affection towards me is immense. Its been like a second home for me with at-least 1 weekend a month I spend with them savouring some amazing Konkani cuisines which she happily prepares for me. [Remembering the stuffed karela when I am typing this 😛 Slurppp!!!] Sometimes there will be these bonus calls coming from her – “Come home for dinner, I have prepared something! If I say, I have some work and may not be possible, she starts giving me the menu list so that no matter what work I have I make sure I go and gulp those” 🙂 Yes, coming back to Vinayak – he is two and half years old and as I keep visiting them often the bond between us is super strong now. “BAPPA” is what he calls me – konkani word for uncle! Yes, I am an uncle now. (Aunt is on her way to SG :P) I don’t understand the language he speaks – doodle doodle wala cutie language, but the way he talks with all his heart you will get drawn towards him, such is his love 🙂 A moment here and there, he calls “Bappa, come”, “Bappa, doodle doodle doodle” 🙂  Every visit of mine, he comes and shows me all the new toys that he has got post our previous meet and the explanation about those toys – Don’t event ask me! You should experience it 🙂 – he is such a cutie.

Cute Lil Vinayak!
Stuthi, Ananya & Anagha 🙂

We started to the place at Clarke Quay around 12:15pm with a star appearance from the busy person “Rohit Kamath” which made the gathering even more amazing :D. Raghu, his wife Akshatha and 2 cuties Stuthi and Sanchi along with Sudhir, his wife Jaya and 2 more cuties Ananya and Anagha made up the amazing team 🙂 “The Kokke Boys” – we guys have named ourselves with occasional meet ups being planned or else there is always Whatsapp! With me the lone person to be a veggie (Vidya, I missed you here! No company!) rest all gulping chicken and fish and what not, with those amazing jokes being cracked at each other, the lunch went on amazingly well. All till now, I was just not sure of what was coming my way!Post lunch, an amazing cake was brought forward 🙂 “GAME OVER” it read 😀 – Marriage Celebrations as well as my Birthday Celebrations all together and it was an amazing surprise. Never even dreamt of this coming my way and I must thank Vidhyadhar Bavaji, Ambica, Sudhir, Jaya, Raghu, Akshatha and Rohith for this fabulous day. Absolutely loved it and in no words can I explain that fantabulous feeling. As I told right at the start, its a home away from home here at SG with this bunch of people around and with the kids totally enthusiastic, the day went on even well 🙂

Game Over!



🙂 #special #Singapore

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Check the video 🙂


The Gang!!
…. and just when I thought today (May 25th) had ended up so well with lots of blessings and warm wishes from all around, my colleague second and brother first – Vinoth Raj also had a pleasant surprise 🙂 It truly made my day and was the cheery on the cake for today! Thanks a ton to you and Ela who have been a part of my family 🙂 Thanks a ton bro! 🙂
25th May – Celebrations 🙂
Ignore my Avatar 😀

Pre-wedding as well as Pre-Birthday celebrations in grand manner and my sleepless night was absolutely amazingly compensated 🙂 Thanks all once again for the amazing day! Truly a memorable one. The only thing that is at the back of my mind is not being able to celebrate this amazing day with parents around me! Miss them badly. Waiting for a super celebration back at home soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Day of Surprise! :)

  1. Beautiful write up! Didn’t know you have the writing bug in you. And yes we had so much fun that, laughing at the most silliest things!
    So now we await the dear beloved Vidya!! Maybe we shud have a welcome party(winks thinks)

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