Shopping Diaries!

Shopping! The word itself lits up many eyes specially for the ladies out there but not necessarily for all 😉 (let me play little safe here :P)

Wedding dates rushing super fast and there had to be a short trip back to India to complete all the shopping! By look of it, it seems a simple task but when you really get into a wedding shopping then the list is humongous. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. The list goes on and on!!

Thanks to parents and my master mind brother, we could chalk out a list with what things needs to be bought, where and how many. Sometimes, if you have a plan and act accordingly then it’s as simple as it is. So was our wedding shopping. Trust me, with everything set prior to my touch down, one and half days we winded up almost everything.

Bengaluru is just an amazing place to be and we got to buy few saris from the Weaver’s themselves. Big brands buy from these and we end up paying double the price for just the brand. Some beautiful sari from these Weaver’s were very pleasant to the eyes. Also, we ended up in one wholesale shop for sari known to my fiancee and end to end sari selection was completed in record time of 4hrs 🙂 Even though I wasn’t very actively involved in it, but the way these guys sell those is magnificent. By the look of it, you can’t say which is what and unless and until you have in-depth knowledge about silks you can be caught off guard and duped easily.


The 2nd day of shopping is what I loved the most as the major one was mine 😉 Manyavar was the place for Bridegroom collection and they did have some good collection. Post the selection, some shirt selections had to be completed and all in all it was the first time we spent 2 full days along with my fiancee as a family 🙂 It was indeed a very nice and the interactions that we all had was pleasing.



The final 2 days of this visit to Bengaluru ended with a beautiful travel on the Namma Metro. Absolutely wonderful. Felt so so proud to have such a mode of transportation in Bengaluru with the likes of that in Singapore. Hassle free, less commute time, less population and more over safe. Kudos to the team for putting it up. For a city like Bengaluru definitely this was needed and it’s indeed a blessing.


Orion mall – love this place for the only reason of the Artificial Lake it has and the beautiful serene place around where you get to sit and talk with none to bother you. That was what I needed 😉 2 days of time spent again with Vidya all alone helped me not only in knowing her better each minute that passed by but also making me realise the amazing future I am going to have with her beside me post July.  Pizzas from Sbarro and Momos from Wow Momos! were amazing which I would love to try once more.


Post January visit this was my 2nd meet with Vidya prior to marriage and it indeed was beautiful with parents coming down adding much more needed spice to the trip. Was meeting AmmA after 7months and her departure to Manipal on the 3rd day was a little emotional one 😦 Sometimes no matter how far you are, the few moments that you spend with your family laughing, discussing, arguing are the ones that create memories for a life time. These small one definitely are precious for me.


4 days flew off in a jiffy and it was time to head back to Singapore but this time the feeling was different. Even though the sadness of leaving her was around, it was overpowered by the feeling of me coming back in a month’s time to take her with me for the new phase of life 🙂 The excitement has started to kick in thick and fast 🙂



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