Keep Life Simple!!

Ever wondered actually how simple our life is and its we who make it complicated!

Yes, from the tiniest of things, we dig deep into it and make a mess out of the whole situation before finally being left out all alone in the cold unable to do anything about it. I know, its definitely not easy to keep everything simple in life. Some things are meant to happen which just complicates everything and you just cant let it be by itself. It keeps eating you over and over again.

During such times, the best thing is to do what you love to do πŸ™‚ My post forΒ

When sometimes, I am blank and some thoughts just doesn’t go out of my mind, I do what I do best – Engage myself in work πŸ™‚ I know I am too much but yes, that helps me quite a bit. Beach and Music is one more thing which is definitely the best thing that can happen to self. With the cool breeze hitting your face and scattering your hair, the sound of waves slashing in front of you along with the soothing melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal ringing, you go into a state of trance which is nothing but bliss. Β A long bike ride or a super long drive on the loveliest of the roads, it just gets on to you and definitely it makes you feel SUPER πŸ™‚

If not for any of the above, you have your lovely parents and siblings and also the amazing bunch of friends who you can always rely on any time of the day throughout the year. All are just a phone call away and they can definitely get that pinch out of your mind πŸ™‚

If not for the complete day, for that particular moment you will get out of the thought which was haunting you and your mind definitely will ease out and gradually you will learn how to Keep it Simple. By beginning to enjoy the tinniest of things happening around you and loving what you are currently doing will not only keep you mind at ease but also will help a lot to keep unwanted thoughts away. No, I am not saying they will vanish off. We are humans πŸ˜› and some or the other problems have to come to us. But learning to keep life simple, helps us a lot to face any situation we come across big or small and come out victorious.

Belief in self and god will lead you to success in whatever you are doing. My word πŸ™‚

Before I go on and on with my philosophy, I better end it with a small video which I am sure you will like πŸ™‚



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