2nd Anniversary at Interlink :)

Well, its been 2 years since I joined this company called Interlink Network Systems Pte. Ltd, Singapore! Wow, 2 years!!! Time has flown by so fast that in the blink of an eye, many wonderful things happen.

Looking back at the day I joined and today, I see in myself so much of a change which I have had to inculcate in order to get accustomed to this new life or rather a new beginning which was otherwise heading downstream and I am not sure to where. Ups and Downs in each ones life keeps coming and successful are only those who can withstand whatever comes through. No, its never easy and that’s when the power of family, friends, colleagues and more than anything else the divine presence if you believe in comes to your rescue.

I do not hesitate to say that I wasn’t anything until I joined in here and today I can proudly say I am something. Jai Mahalasa! She has never let me down in any point of life. What happens is for our own good, is one thing which is very hard to digest when everything is going against you but the more you believe in yourself and your ability then there is nothing that can stop you from digesting anything in this world!

I thank my parents and brother for being by me all through these years and giving the constant support whenever the tinniest of the things fell apart 🙂

Malshi, my saviour who has been by me, guiding me through enormous situations and instilling in me the confidence that I can do it. Jai Mahalasa!

My beautiful friends, colleagues and bosses without whom this success isn’t a success 🙂

Looking forward for many more years, to learn, implement and successfully deliver QUALITY Solutions!!



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