Doggy – Love!

Dogs – A 4 legged creature meant to protect us, sometimes turn naughty! Yeah, NAUGHTY!

Tata ELXSI campus at Hoodi, Bengalooru – Friday, 31st September, 2012 :

Weekend was just mins far to start and there I was in full excitement for the weekend to come over! A team lunch at the VILLAGE, along with semi-final match – Tata Elxsi vs Intuit was on my agenda. There’s always this twist in the tale, ain’t it? whenever there is something you plan out for.

Always loved dogs, even now I do, after the incident – EVEN MORE :P. My mom always said  – you can’t take care of yourself, let alone the dog – so there was my wish to get a dog disappearing in thin air. Almost set to leave work and board my cab, with the weather almost perfect, slight drizzle, cool breeze with the lovely dark-colored sky above me, there was something great in the making!

Mr. Predator was, I guess, waiting for my arrival! Yeah, I say this because, there was this dog with a broken leg which keeps roaming around in the campus which everyone taught was a seedha – saadha kutta, but turned out to be really SEEDHA-SAADHA!

It all happened like this:

1) I was passing by, and I did see the dog standing.
2) It gave me a stare and turned it face away.
3) I moved ahead and then it just gave me a huge kiss – too much love, tearing my jeans apart and leaving me with blood stains all over.

Luckily for me, it bit and just went away, as though it had done a great achievement and somebody had rewarded it with a Gold medal. Na, really! The way it went off was like – I don’t have words to describe it. Got some medical attention after the incident and there I was left with some grands less in my pocket due to this DOGGY-LOVE!

On a serious note, there’s nothing to get really scared of when a dog bites you. First thing is that, just wash the wound with dettol. Do not cover it up with a bandage or any other material. Secondly, consult a doctor at the earliest. By the time I reached the doctor it was nearly 2 n half hours since the bite, thanks to Bengalooru traffic. Actually, there isn’t much to fear about the time. 5 injections of INJ Rabipur will be prescribed by the doctor which needs to be taken over a period of 1 month – 0th day, 3rd, 7th, 14th and 28th day.

It was the first time a dog showed so much love on me :P. The rains plus people running hither thither to board their respective cabs must have got the dog in a panic state and it just attacked! I was the target.

Even after this attack, I still love dogs and I will definitely buy one soon in the near future 🙂 🙂



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