Weekend Getaway – Bengalooru

January 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

Vacation time, you always are with the want to getaway to a place, have some time off before the gruelling classes, assignments, exams are at it peak again. So here it was, final 3 days of my vacation at the so-called Green City of Karnataka BENGALOORU!!!

With some quality time spent with bro during my stay at Hanumanth Nagar, Bengalooru, would like to pool in a few things of what exactly life at Bengalooru is. Of course in my way. :)

  • Single or married you need know to cook and do BARTAN :P which I did learn staying at my brother’s place. No wonder, he has to do all of it once back from a tiring day back at office. You begin to love it, then its Baaye haath ka khel.
  • Washing clothes. Wow it was when mom used to do it back at home. When it comes to you, you will tend to wear the same stinking jeans a few more times. ;)
  • Traffic – Lovely! Yes, you got me right there.
  • Compared to Manipal, its super cold and the girls out there on MG Road and Brigade Road too drive you cold. ;)
  • Malls – Just see and enjoy is the order of the day. Yes, I meant both girls and also the items on display.
  • Metro at Yashwanthpur – Place to visit if you are a resident of bengalooru for most of the things you get there are of prices lower than the MRP. But then, going there just to buy a couple of soaps and shampoos ain’t worth. 1k billing is a must.
  • Commercial Street – Just way too commercial. Hike the price and sell it with 50% off tag :P. A normal shorts cost 2.5k. Ain’t it amazing? No really.
  • Kannada spoken- Yen amma, Yen macha, yakrappa hingmadtira, ticket torsappa :) Good to hear but hard to speak until you get acquainted.
  • Movie and a lunch on a weekend will burn not only your wallet but also your jeans! 450-600 bucks for a bollywood movie during a weekend compared to the 60 bucks at Manipal and 600-1000 bucks lunch for two at a decent restaurant compared to the 300 bucks at Manipal :)
  • Software professionals everywhere is the major cause for such a hefty price tag on each and every item.
  • A fantastic bus service from the government which takes you around to each nook and corner of the city for just a price of 45 bucks for the whole day :)
  • Darshini – Road side eatery, which is clean and hygienic saves some burns :P
  • ┬áMetro – Amazing, fantastic, tremendous except for the initial trouble it causes to the traffic.

That’s more or less about Namma Bengalooru which from one angle you see is in a very bad state, but definitely if you try to enjoy each moment of it, you will surely love the place. Awaiting my orders to get to Bengalooru next.


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§ 2 Responses to Weekend Getaway – Bengalooru

  • manoj says:

    Nice write up!
    Reminds me of the bengaluru and me series that i have been intending to write for a very long time now!
    You forgot to add the festival locations of the weekends: malls; where ppl roam about like there is no tomorrow!
    PS: you are hereby ordered to take up your post as the bartan maanjar at #5! :-P

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