Second Semester Beckons!

It feels just like I joined my Masters program yesterday! 5 months have passed in a jiffy. 3 internals, 1 final a total of nearly 30 exams done in 5 months with no time to look around and indeed it has been a splendid start to college life after 3 long years.

It all began in August, with cricket, class tours, outings, dinners, night outs etc began to be the regular routine in my life. It had all ended in June 2008, when I finished my graduation. Never had thought I would get into a masters program, but god had other ideas :). Now after 5 months into this newly set – back to the old – college life, after a much-needed break after the grueling semesters and loosing some pounds during semesters and gaining some during the holidays, it’s now time to get back to classes, assignments, labs, exams etc.

It will be a more exciting and the final 5 and half months of college life after which it will definitely be the night out at office πŸ˜› and then in a few years night out at home with kids :P. Long way to go for the latter one, so now its time to enjoy the college life. A new class and a new set of friends beckons, with my ESIGELEC classmates leaving to France this month end which I had to drop out due to some personal reasons. Will definitely miss the class which I spent my first semester in and a few will definitely be missed.

A new year with new hopes and new aspirations aiming high and wanting to fulfill those dreams. Life has to move on and new challenges already in way. Awaiting Embedded Systems Section ‘A’ on January 9th, 2012. πŸ™‚

Watch out folks, here I come. πŸ˜‰



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