Best Buddies Wedding!


Met him during my first year of engineering, looked very innocent. Just looked –  nothing more than that when I really got to know him. A silent killer you can say. A day scholar during the first two years and then a hostellite ( forced to be one and he cursed being one every single day – only reason was FOOD 😛 ).

Had an amazing time during the final 2 years of engineering with this chap. My benchmate, lab mate, project mate.. STOP!! Nothing more than that . 🙂

There were definitely many so-called EVENTS happening during the 4 years of my stay with this fellow, but I would definitely want to highlight 2 of the MANY 🙂

1. Classes were scheduled at 9 and this great friend of mine would start his MAKEUP session at 8.55. If it’s just a couple of days I would say, by mistake happens, but no, this was his routine. EVERY SINGLE DAY we were late to class. 9.10 or so we knocked the door and disturbed the whole class. 😛 😛

2. A principal during our final year of engineering introduced a new rule of DRESS CODE for the students. Guys were supposed to wear formal and gals only salwar. This friend of mine except for a couple of trousers and formal shirts dint have anything else but JEANS just like me. The principal had a very bad habit ( good according to him ONLY) of opening the class door right in the middle of the lecture as if a fire has broke out in the college and he has come to ask us to flee :P. This was an Operation Research class going on and Santosh was asked to answer a question which he of course dint know :P. Cladded in a tee and jeans he was standing as if the lecturer was praising him. He then made it a point to get me also into the trap.

There we were standing tall and BANG, the principal enters ( FIRE flee alarm 😛 ) and we both pop down :P. It was instant reaction from both of us, door opens, we see his spectacles and we sit down. The lecturer then, I dunno why complained to the ALARM fellow, we were the culprits. We dint know the answer –  first thing, second we are in our tees and jeans :). MEET ME IN THE CHAMBER was the order. I fell into the trap because of this great fellow.

We escaped unhurt from the FIRE though, that is a different issue, but the way he used to drag me into the well along with him when he fell was his genius tactic 😛 That’s what FRIENDS are for ain’t it? 🙂

Time flew so fast. Its 3 years since we completed our engineering and today after going through a lot of troubles there he is getting married to the one he loved dearly. Nobody knows when he fell in love and when all this happened 😛 CHUPA RUSTAM 🙂 Happy for you bro. God bless and may you both get all that you desire for 😛 (P.S: as i have told you previously, when you come to my wedding which will be in an around 3 years from now, two babies on each lap is the want 😛 :P)

The sad part is, being his dear friend I couldn’t make it to his wedding ceremony due to my Masters exams which was scheduled right then. Sorry bro, but will surely make it to your kids cradling ceremony 😛 😛

Cheers bro, there for you, anytime 🙂




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