A test or examination (or “exam”) is an assessment intended to measure a test-taker’s knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, or classification in many other topics.

There goes the dictionary meaning for the word “EXAM”!

For me until I finished my engineering, it was a huge burden which I always wanted to avoid. Just like every other student, I always wanted college to be exam free. Attend classes, have fun, finish off your degree. I do not know why I feared exams during my engineering days so badly. Might be because of the expectations I had on myself to score well, to get a great job, to outclass my friends or what not, but it surely did increas the pressure on me every single minute if not anything else.

Exams come and I was always on call, speaking to mom that I was nervous, scared as to how the exam will turn out etc etc. Somehow my mom used to convince me through out. I owe it to her. Mom’s are always special ain’t it?

The basic thing I forgot during my engineering and the reason for which I could not meet my expectation was, I needed to stay “CALM” during my exams and focus. This is what I lacked. BIG TIME!

As people say, you learn from your mistakes, I did learn. When I joined my masters the first thing I said to myself was I wont fear the exams but will face it will full confidence no matter what. I must say, I learnt this from my super bro @mildwave ,without whom examinations would still remain a huge hurdle to clear. The way he went and cleared Chartered Accountancy exams in a shot was just worth a praise. He never gave Television, Play, Movies a break. He did everything along with studies. šŸ™‚

Masters 1st semester is done and dusted today and I am proud of myself, I am satisfied that whatever I have done, I have given my best to it. This satisfaction had never been even a % during my engineering days. The confidence with which I did each thing during this semester, I am happy about it. No matter what the result is, satisfaction is what one needs and I have it today šŸ™‚

Time to take a break from college for the next fortnight.

Vacations!!!! Bring it on šŸ™‚



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