Here I am – A student @ Manipal University :)

Being born and bred up in Manipal, it was always a dream to be a student of Manipal University 🙂

First let me tell yu something about Manipal. Being a small town in South Karnataka, India which was started by the great Dr.T.M.A Pai is known for everything. By everything I really mean everything. Yes, education, culture, lifestyle, students, Night Life, Hot Girls, fantastic restaurants and what not. Manipal is totally inside 5km diameter. I mean it. Such a small town and is tagged as The Knowledge City 🙂 Feels really proud to be a localite at Manipal.

Since my young days, it was always a want to be a student of Manipal University.  2 of my juniors from Under Graduation joined in and from the time I got to know about them, the feeling of getting back to college had begun to come over me 🙂 but I dint have any option but to wish them Good Luck and think of joining the course next year. I was just thinking, if at all I had planned it few months back, would surely have got in and did the course alongside my friends. God had other things to offer :). Thursday July 22nd I came to know about the seat vacancy for Masters Program at the University. I had made up my mind. I am going in. But there were constraints too. The company I was working for had a 30 day notice period just like any other company and it would be literally impossible for me to join on August 1st. I just made up my mind to get in and take a seat for Masters and regarding the job just thought what ever happens will be looked into :). On 23rd finally the want of being a student of Manipal University was fulfilled 🙂 Masters in Manipal College of Information Science! Did not write the university exams too but I was in since the vacancy of seats :P.

Now the biggest part was to resign from my job. Monday when I reached office I just had to speak to my Manager and tell him the whole thing which happened during the weekend. It was a shocker for sure for him. Unexpected and more than anything else I had to leave and join college on 1st August. Just 5 days of notice period :). Gods grace I must say, the manager of my company agreed and just 2 days after Monday I was released from the duties of the company. 🙂

It was really amazing feeling by the thought of getting back to college life 🙂 Now, I too would be a student of the Manipal University. Would call myself so fortunate for things turning out in this manner.

It’s not even a month now being back to college life and I am beginning to love it. It isn’t the same as during Engineering. I feel we weren’t that serious then. But now its all together a new feeling, the feeling of responsibility, the want of performing well and of course the last student life in this lifetime which I must enjoy 🙂 Classrooms, labs, lecturers are top-notch. Infrastructure is just mind-blowing. We have got the best of everything. Experiencing this is really amazing. Marena, the indoor stadium is a must watch. Check the video to get a feel of it!

Every other girl who passes by you in the campus is a “BABE”. Mean it! I feel, all the beautiful girls god ever created have landed up in the Manipal University campus :P. The atmosphere in the campus is just thrilling. Even though curriculum demands a lot out of us in a very short span, the atmosphere will surely make us stand up to it 😛 ( yu know what I mean). Cafeteria, libraries are way too good.

Nearly a year more to be spent in the campus of Manipal and I am sure, it will be a hell lot of wonderful times which I will cherish throughout my life!



11 thoughts on “Here I am – A student @ Manipal University :)

  1. Sounds like you are having a really great time with the “babes”! Hehe =p Enjoy your school year.

  2. Dude.. All well and nice blog.. 🙂 Congrats and wish you all the best …

    And about the Babe’s 😉 Its just “Praya dhosha” .. It cannot be that all girls are good 😉 😉

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