ALAMBO – A mushroom which Konkani’s love :)

Pardon me people, but this post completely will be for my Konkani GSB Community so it will contain many Konkani terms, so please bear with me 🙂

“ALAMBO” is kind of a mushroom which is seen only in Dakshina Kannada. The specialty of this “ALAMBO” is that it is not grown, but once rains starts pouring down, on mountains tops we get this under the soil :). Yes, you heard me right – Under the soil is where this mushroom takes its birth 🙂

During this particular time, I guess there is no such Konkani family who has not bought this mushroom and savored it atleast twice or thrice irrespective of the cost. As it is widely known, Konkani GSB community is such a community which values “FOOD” the most 🙂 Yes, I mean it. Its Pyet Pooja first and then comes the rest! Cost of the food item is never taken into account. Seasonal fruits or vegetables or for that matter be it anything GSB Konakani’s make it a point they have it 🙂

So many kinds of dishes are prepared out of this mushroom. To name a few Alambe Phanna Upkari, Alambe Bajo, Alambe Butti, Alambe Sannapolo etc etc. Its just mouth watering dish which I have always fancied having. When the rains pour down, its so amazing to have this spicy dish which my mom prepares.

Its just Mom’s greatness, she never eats it but never thinks twice to prepare ALAMBe dish for us 🙂 Love you amma.



5 thoughts on “ALAMBO – A mushroom which Konkani’s love :)

  1. Glad you wrote something on the local cuisine. Am seeing more of the skins rather than peeled alambe there in the photo.

    There’s also the Alambe curry (aambutt) and the alambe song (a dish with onions, red chillies and lots of the alambe). Haven’t heard of it being fried though. Mukesh is a lucky boy.

    Gone are the days when grandmother used to have fests of Alambe dishes throughout the first two weeks of June. Rampant deforestation has ensured that the savoured mushroom has become a scarce commodity and the price has hit the roof. Women used to climb the hills, uproot the mushrooms and sell them door-to-door measuring them in large aluminium vessles (unit called sheru in konkani). These days either you should go to a nearby town or have contacts to get it cooked at home even once for the year.

  2. Exactly 🙂 I must say I am lucky that my mom prepares it for me! And to get it as you said, yu need to have high level influence 😛

    Nonetheless its just mouth watering, ain’t it? 🙂

  3. Always fun to read gsb stuff though I hate most people out of this community :). Every other community has awesome things about which the guys are proud of.. Proud to have alombos and others in the caste which I am born into 🙂


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