Accidents | People’s Reaction

I  don’t understand why people hate to extend a helping hand! I seriously don’t understand.

It happened right in front of my eyes today. A family of 4 on a bike met with an accident, right amidst a busy crowded M G Road, Mangalore. The kid and the mother were badly hurt, blood oozing out. But only a few people came down to help them out.

I tried stopping an auto so that they could be taken to the hospital but in vain. 5 times – not once or twice, autos just went away even though there weren’t any passengers inside. Then finally managed to catch one and they were taken to the hospital.

I just wonder, don’t people have brains? Can’t they think? What if it was their family person lying on the road asking for help and others did the same? Wouldn’t they curse the people?

In more than half of the accident cases, the victim dies because he won’t be getting proper first aid. If people could just lend a helping hand surely things can have a turn around.

My sincere request to all, you find someone in that state PLEASE DO HELP! When you are in need sometime, surely you will get it back.



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