Certificates are of so much value be it of any kind! The pleasure one gets when given a certificate is just immense. A kid when participated in a competition doesn’t win a prize but is given a certificate, the joy you see on the kids face is just tremendous. Its a way of showing appreciation towards the work you have done.

I had been to Manipal End Point, most of you surely know this place. [yes, the same place where many things happen 😛 by many I mean sports, yoga, jogging, walking etc etc 😛 ] It was a cool evening with some really good chicks around running, it was a nice atmosphere overall, far from the stress and hustle bustle of city life, I was loving it. This was when I meet a person [name: Nura :P], whom I have known from the past so many years. A very humorous guy. Just the usual talks it all started  [ top of it being the chicks running around 😛 ] and later drifted on to what are we both upto these days! This was when the real conversation started.

Me: So what did you study till date?
He: Have done my PUC and done some computer courses. [ people here around, when dont have anything else to add to their educational qualification add COMPUTER COURSES to it 😛 ( no I am not joking) ]
Me: Wow, that’s cool. So what do you plan to do next?
He: I am doing my web design course now, soon I shall hunt for a job. Manipal has got very good opportunities.
Me: yeah, true that.
He:I have got many certificates you see, so it won’t be a problem to get a job.

At this moment I really wondered that he must be a great guy! Speaking of certificates. The thing in my mind was CERTIFICATION like sun certification for java etc etc.

Me: So which are the certificates you have now?

You are just going to love this reply of his 😛

He: Many dude, tenth standard, First PUC, Second PUC 😛 😛

I was like WTF! Come on dude, is that the certificates you were speaking about? Sicko, for that matter on your terms if I count I have got 8 right during my engineering course. This is what I said to myself. It was a EPIC day having a EPIC conversation with NURA 😛

I just loved it though. Laughed my heart out. And now anyone puts out the word CERTIFICATE all I remember is NURA 😛



3 thoughts on “Certificates!!

  1. Is this Nura the Ratan Nura what Sunil Pal of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge kept talking about?

    “Mein hoon ratan nura, karta hu kaam khatam poora”…

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