Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona Preview | El-Classico | 16-04-2011

162nd El-Classico it is! This saturday, the match which every football fan would love to watch. Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona at Bernabeu.

The 2 teams locking horns for the second time this season, while the first one was clearly dominated by FC Barcelona who scored 5 goals to nil against the most expensive football team in the world.

Here is what Jose Mourinho had to say after the shocking defeat :
” It’s the worst defeat of my career. I’ve never lost by five goals to zero… I leave disappointed both in my team and my players, individually. You have to have character, when you lose by five goals you can’t leave crying, you have to go and work harder. “

Jose Mourinho was brought to manage an expensive team from Inter Milan where he won the treble, so that he could repeat his exuberant managerial skills and lead Real Madrid to at least the double [ Champions League and La Liga ]. But looking at the La Liga table now, FC Barcelona are 8 points ahead of Real Madrid with 31 games played already. Winning the La Liga will surely not be possible for Madrid. Only hope remains is that of the Champions League glory where they face FC Barcelona yet again to secure a birth in the finals.

On the other hand, the legend of FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola who has been fantastic for the Catalans has given a warning right away during their previous meeting that ” MONEY CANT BUY CLASS “. Spending so lavishly and getting a 5-0 result was just not expected out of Real Madrid. Not to forget, 11 players of FC Barcelona are just on the peak for of their career. What ever they touch is turning into gold. The midfield domination has just been outstanding with Messi just mesmerizing season after season. It has been a team effort from the Catalans compared to that of Real Madrid. David Villa in his first season for the Catalans has proved he his just the best! Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol have been just top class.

Surely, Real Madrid are going to have the home advantage and with Ronaldo totally charged up you can expect a cracker of a contest. The likes of Di Maria, Kaka, Alonso, Carvalho, Ozil, Adebayor they surely would love to have a go at the Catalans and get the best out of the match.

Man to Watch out for:

Messi – FC Barcelona : This lil’ guy has been just amazing! 48 goals in the last season, n again 48 this season. This figure speaks for itself. He will surely be the man behind to topple the Madrid defense. He has done that before and I am sure he will want to do it again and again 🙂

What the Managers had to say:

Jose Mourinho:
“I’m not of the opinion that what happens in the first game can influence the second, third or fourth. I will practice with 10 players because I always have a player sent off against them – it happened with Chelsea and Inter and may comeback again. We are a young team without much experience and still a work in progress but I think it’s normal we are in the semis.”

Pep Guardiola:
“I wish we could play more often against them. Basically they are the most powerful team, the strongest, and are coming together at the right time. We look forward to competing against them. We take every game as an opportunity and a gift. We accept the challenge.”

With 3 matches against each other coming up within a short period of time, this match will surely be a great start for the 2 big battles ahead. A win here for either of the teams would provide an upper hand in the games to come.

Total Matches: 162
Real Madrid winning: 68
FC Barcelona winning: 63
Draws: 30

My Prediction:

A scoring draw 🙂

With this, the stage is all set for the EL-CLASSICO!

Lets have it……. Bring it on!



11 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona Preview | El-Classico | 16-04-2011

  1. Just cause I despise Barfalona.. here goes a “Hala Madrid”.
    Bring on the Real Madrasi from Portugal [1 on field and the other off field] to decimate the cuntalans.

  2. it will be an interesting el classic dis season…..but I wish real wil win after defeated by chelsea in champions league..

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