SLEEP is a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles.That is the dictionary definition of the word SLEEP. But in common words people would call it relaxation!

This just happened a week back! Daily routine of Mangalore to Manipal travel, and mostly when you are on your way back at night after some really great work your boss assigns to you, you would just not know when you have fallen asleep! I don’t blame the boss, why are we paid for Come On! šŸ˜›

This was just another day, the regular bus which takes me from Mangalore and throws me down at Manipal! Buses usually in the evening hours are filled. Peak hours for office returning people. You are lucky if you get a seat, window seat then you are truly blessed ( in local language its called AJJI PUNYA – meaning grandmother has done some good deeds which you are getting now šŸ˜› ). I got a window seat šŸ˜€ yes AJJI PUNYA šŸ™‚ The person next to me was snoring to glory šŸ™‚ , no really I am not exaggerating out here. Its a fact. That is how it is in the local buses. The bus drivers just can’t control his piss once he gets on to the wheels, he is forced to drive as fast as possible to the destination. On not doing so there is always a scare of pissing in his pants :). Yes, that’s the state. AĀ  minimum speed of 70kmph, and THEY OWN THE ROAD šŸ™‚ that is how it is. With sudden breaks to pick up people, even though its not a bus stop ( mind you this doesn’t apply when you want to get down. Drop is only at bus stops. Pick up is literally anywhere ) the people who are seated get the biggest shocks not once or twice but nearly ‘n’ number of times until the destination is reached.

With all these happening in the bus, its really hard to imagine how can some people sleep to glory? or atleast that’s what I thought till the day this happened šŸ˜› Now i know why šŸ™‚ I got the window seat, took the ticket. I dint even reach Kulur (outskirts of Mangalore ) and I was in my dreamland. I dunno what was happening around me, where the bus was heading, who got down, who got in šŸ˜› I was just in my own world dreaming about something which I do not want to disclose in public šŸ˜› It was when some mosquitoes bit me, I suddenly woke up and realized that I was traveling from Mangalore to Manipal. And where the hell was I ? I just couldn’t get the place where the bus had stopped! The lights were off, once a crowded bus was now all to myself. Since I was in the last but one seat, the conductor did not notice me. The bus was parked at their Depot. The last stop at Manipal nearly 5-6 kms from the place where I was supposed to get down šŸ˜›

Luckily for me, my loving dad came to pick me up šŸ™‚ I guess I proved my friends right on that particular day. The title CAT which they gave me was indeed justified šŸ˜› (CAT always sleeps sleeps sleeps sleeps…….n sleeps – hence the name)

A funny experience indeed šŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Overslept!

  1. Had a similar story last week travelling back from Bangalore to Manipal and I woke up at Malpe Cross and got down at Ambagilu.

    At first thought, I was pissed off, though the sleepiness overrode that restlessness of an anger, I chucked the idea of shouting at the cleaner, whom I had asked to wake me up in Manipal.

    A sleepy me gets down walks to an auto.. back to the

  2. Ha Ha šŸ™‚ Happens.. Sleep sometimes just drives u out of this world! Its really an amazing feeling. Sometimes even the 5 mins “AWESOME” sleep you get, the feel of it you just cant describe.

  3. Thats some well put in writing. If you are a regular bus traveler you will certainly nod your head to those lines.
    Makes me want to pen one too. Great job. Keep up the good work. Don’t sleep in the process.

  4. totally agree with the 5min sleep. The most satisfying of the lot. “Power Nap” some mite remember from the movie 3idiots.

    Btw what were u dreaming about?? You have made me curios now, gotta reveal that as well… šŸ˜›

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