First Showers at Manipal

Yes, after the scorching heat from the past few days which had almost made life miserable for people at Manipal, with power cuts adding salt on the wound, the first bit of showers which fell in yesterday brought so much relief.

The amazing cool weather which brought in smiles on so many faces at Manipal was worth the watch. The smell of soil when the drops of water fell on the ground was just so amazing! The sense of joy you get out of these nature’s wonders cannot be described in words at all! It can just be felt.

But little do people of Manipal know tomorrow’s going to bring in some extra heat along which surely will not be less compared to the ones we faced a couple of days back. So Manipal gear up for some more hot blows coming up in the next few days, i.e. only if the rains don’t pour in 🙂

Nonetheless, savor the moment as it comes 🙂




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