March 19th – People Flee :D

Daily wage labourers also known as BIJAPURI’s  in Udupi and Manipal are busy packing their bags to rush back to their villages in North Karnataka. The reason: They are scared stiff that the end of the world has come and the coastal region is surely going to be swallowed by the sea by the week end! Everyday, private buses and KSRTC buses are getting packed with North Karnataka workers returning back to the safety of their homes. Those who are still left behind are making frantic preparations to decamp town.

The fact that the moon will be nearing the earth on March 19 has added to their fears.Thousands of workers have fled Udupi and Manipal in the past few days. 🙂

It might sound so funny to us, but they really have taken it to heart! 🙂 The reason they are rushing back to north karnataka is that, there isn’t a sea around and they believe they are SAFE 🙂 Only time will tell them the world ain’t gonna end soon.



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