The mysterious case of Jean D’Silva!

This happened to me exactly 2 yrs ago.. 25th May, 2007..During my 2nd year of engineering.. 4th semester.. N to add on to the embarrassment it was on my b’day!!
Let me tell yu who this Creature is exactly… Her name was Jean D’silva.. n she was our field theory lecturer.. She had just completed her graduation from MIT, Manipal n joined CEC.. She din know to spell the word Field Theory n she was taking up that subject for us.. As usual i n ma frens were having fun in the class.. I used to sit in the 1st bench den cos any mischief yu do or even yu sleep in the class yu go unnoticed.. Last bench guys are always in the focus.. I always took benefit of this.. On this particular day as she entered the class she was quite fine.. All were busy wid thier own work though.. Me, santosh n pradeep were in the 1st bench..
During my PU holidays i used to go to my uncles shop.. Stationaries.. There when these MIT guys used to come to buy stuffs my uncle used to tease them sayin ” Oh MIT.. Knowledge is POOR!! “
meaning the logo of MIT which said ” Knowledge is POWER “..
Well this is wat i said to santosh in front of “The Creature”.. ” Oh MIT.. Knowledge is POOR!! “
She heard it.. WTF!!! why did it come out my mouth den.. i seriously din have in mind it wud hurt her ego.. i just said it for fun to santosh.. She got wild at me hearing that.. She threatned to leave the class n also she ll cut off my internal marks..!! Oh common.. i tried to explain to her wat i meant.. She was not in a mood to listen to it at all.. I din give a Dam to it.. Noon we had Analog Labs.. In Engineering, if yu have taken up Electronics and Communication as yur specialisation like me yur Dead n Gone cos the lab attenders behave as if they are the HOD’s.. If at all yur absent for a particular lab yu have to give a apology letter addressing the Lab attender.. Not the HOD.. tht was the state of we E&C students.. I was just praying she that ” The Creature ” won’t complain to the lab attenders about the incident.. Wid great courage i went to the department to submit my record!! I went in to see all the lecturers around ” The Creatures ” table speaking to her.. The moment they saw me they called me up n started shouting at me like crazy saying ” I don know how to respect the lecturers.. I din know how to behave in the class nor in the labs.. ” this n tat.. Oh my.. My fren Santosh was dumbstruck listenin to this.. Finally it was over n i entered the lab.. I was so silent in the lab.. Just wondering wat a day it was.. The same moment i get a call from our Assistant Professor(” He’s the most Sick Person i have ever seen in my life”).. This idiot “Creature” even after the whole bunch of lecturers shouting at me she has complained to the sick guy!! I knew this was the end.. I better find a nice rope to hang myself rather than meeting him.. I went inside his cabin n to drive me more wild ” The Creature ” was der sitting in front of him cryin!! I said to myself.. WTF!!! Me just telling somethin related to her college makes her cry n create such a huge scene??? Now it was the Prof s time to get his anger out on me!!! He said i must call my uncle to the college.. He must come n tell the Prof tat he won’t comment on others college or other ppl!!! Who the hell is this Prof to ask my uncle to do all this.. I said i can’t call my uncle.. Den he said write an apology letter n I’ll hand it over to the principal.. Let him decide yur fate.. Until he decides it yu must not attend the college premises.. n also i must ask my dad to meet him..Done!! I thought tat s the end of ething.. I came out of his cabin n to my astonishment 4 of my lecturers were der to console me regarding it.. They were the ones who shouted at me sometime back.. Now consoling.. I cudn believe wat was happening.. They told me it was unfair on my part for being treated so badly.. They told me i had committed a mistake but it was not of such a magnitude as to create such a big scene.. These 4 ppl went to the Prof n tried to convince him as to not to take the matter tho the princi.. But that guy as i had already told was such a adamant sick guy he took it to the principal..
Our principal den was Dr.Prem Kumar.. I have never seen such a personality in my life.. He’s my role model.. The work he does is of such high appreciation.. CEC watever it is now is cos of this guy.. Whoever are placed in big MNC’s today are cos of this guy.. Cos of him the companies came to our college for Recruitment.. I had a very good relationship wid him.. It was so good that he used to call me his son.. Even now he does.. 🙂 m really very very happy for that..
The principal din know it was me when the Prof told him about the incident.. He summoned me.. In my mind only one thing went on all the good relationship i had will go down within a second for the silliest of mistake i have done.. But to my surprise when the principal saw me he told the Prof..
” I guess yu have made a mistake Prof.. This guys my son n he cant commit such a mistake.. I have confidence in him.. He s never into such things.. “
The professors face was worth watchin.. The principal knew it was my b’day.. He hugged me n said just forget watever has happened.. n don commit this again.. The Prof din even utter a word.. I jus felt like spitting over his face for the things he did..
This was the worst B’day ever in my life until date.. Will never foget that Creature Miss Jeane D’silva!!
Thank god ethin ended well that day.. Else i guess i wudn be here writing this post 🙂

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