The Lift

All people in this world would have surely taken a “LIFT” atleast once in their lifetime. Giving a “LIFT” to someone and also taking a “LIFT” to someone can be so so funny at times.

I would just like to pen down a few instances which I have experienced while asking or giving a “LIFT”:

1. People find the “SILLIEST” reasons to deny giving you a “LIFT”.

Here’s an example: During my PU days, I used to go for tutorials early morning from 5.45 to 7.00, 4 days a week. The place was located nearly 20 mins from my house via vehicle. If via bus I had to change 2 buses to reach my place and more than that buses to my place weren’t that frequent. One bus an hour. I couldn’t wait for that long as I had my college classes beginning at 9.00 am. Sometimes my dad used to pick my up else if he was tied up I had to walk home and as usual I used to hope that some or the other person would give me a “LIFT”. There was one fellow I must say who stays in our colony itself, just 2 lanes across my place who always used to come back home after dropping his wife riding a Kinetic Honda. He always used to see me come walking and only “ONCE” he had offered to drop me all the way. After the first time of him offering a “LIFT” the reason he always he gave me whenever he saw my face was “SHOCK ABSORB HAS BROKEN DOWN” :P . According to me roughly he was nearly 80-90kgs and his wife nearly 60-70kgs :)
When they both were on it the shock absorb was perfect but if he gives me a lift (i was just 40kgs then) the shock absorb would break down :P WTF! Will never in my life forget him and his dialogue. I have named that guy as SHOCK ABSORB itself.

2. No matter a bus passes in the same way, they don’t go by the bus and wait for people to give them “LIFTS”:

Even today when I come to my office, I find 2 regular people who never ever take a bus and wait for someone to give them a “LIFT”! Pakka kanjoos people they are. In the beginning I have given them a drop until my office but when I saw them not boarding a bus and waiting for others to drop them I stopped giving them a drop.

3. No courtesy what so ever!

There are a few people who look so decent when they ask for a “LIFT”! You stop and drop them by to a place and forget speaking to you, they don’t even bother to tell a THANKS! Guess the word THANKS too costs a lot these days :P

4. You stop and you are dead!

I mean it! There are a few who just consider you as their DRIVER! They wont get down even if your destination is reached.. They tell it to you in such a way that you have to drop them to their destination and return to yours. These things are always done by a lil older people whom you cant shout at! Emotional Atyachar! :P

5. Fast Fast Faster! Come on man..

They climb back on yur bike and they seem to be in a hurry! No matter how fast you ride they just don’t seem to get contended with it! “My bus will come soon can yu ride a bit faster please” :P that’s wat they say..

6. You don’t stop for him but he climbs and sits all set to go :P

This is really embarrassing! It so happened to me once that I came out of my office, took my bike and asked my brother to lock the office and was waiting for him to come and sit! Suddenly some other fellow comes and sits and smiles and he is all set to go :P LOL.. I really found it embarrassing to tell him my brother will be sitting on the pillion and I was waiting for him. :)

7. Humble people..

There have quite a few times that I have stopped to give some people a “LIFT” and they have denied taking one from me! They fail to recognize me and after I explain who I am they take their seat :P

All these samples which I have provided when recollected gives me a hearty laugh picturing what had happened :)



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