Swimming Pool

I am totally a “Water Freak” i must say! My mom always warns me whenever i go to places surrounded by water! As always right from 4th standard i used to go swimming! The place i started swimming and learnt it completely was in the Valley view swimming pool where me and my cousin Mahesh used to go!
After i was kinda a good swimmer i started going to MIT, swimming pool which is just 20 mins by cycle from my place. A huge group of my friends used to turn up there every day and we had a real lot of fun! The time duration was 1hr a day and we had passes or tickets through which we were allowed in. During weekdays we used to go in the noon and weekends it was early morning swim! It used to be real fun.

“People who did not know how to swim were always asked to be on the lower side of the pool”

This was during the May holidays which we had. It was a pleasant morning and as usual we were around 14 guys all set to enjoy in the pool for an hour! Nobody knew what was coming!
On this particular day we had a new friend who was joining us named Deepak Mallya! He did not know how to swim but he had just come down to have some fun.
Our usual routine in the pool during the hour was take some 4-5 laps.. Play some games, specially the coin game, wherein the coin is thrown into the water and one must search it without wearing the goggles. Then again at the end 4-5 laps.
We had our first set of 4-5 laps. The pool was totally empty except for me and my friends and a doctor uncle who always used to come in the morning. We even played our game after which we decided we’ll have the last set of laps and wind up!
We were on our 2nd lap n i saw a cement like thing right below inside the pool. Since i was not wearing a goggled i could not make out what it was exactly. I stopped my friends and informed them about the same. We went in under the water and reached the bottom of the pool to find out that Deepak Mallya was lying underneath with his hands on his nose. He was unconscious. And it was totally difficult for me and my friend to pull him up because he was totally heavy. We then quickly went up and asked the lifeguard for help who in turn went in and pulled him up! We all were out of the pool surrounding him just hoping that things were fine with him. The doctor came to the spot and did the initial First Aid stuff and then he was taken to the hospital.
A day later he was discharged and when we asked him about the incident he never knew what had happened.
It was by God’s grace that I noticed him and alerted my friends and the lifeguard.
I still feel real proud remembering this incident wherein i was responsible for saving a person’s life ๐Ÿ™‚

I would just like to say never ever play with water, if you don’t know how to swim do not take the risk and jump into the water. There are so many deaths occurring these days due to water. If preliminary precautions are taken by us we surely can do a lot.



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