Sub Inspector of Police and Me

Wow.. This is the one of the most amazing things I have gone through..:)

It was on Jan 7th, ‘10 at 7.15.. Me and my bro were on a way to a Super Duper movie “Dulha Mil Gaya” which was pictured at a theatre in Udupi named Diana. As usual we started at 7.00 from our place as the theatre is just 15mins if we take a shortcut from Manipal to Diana via Kukkikatte. As I reached Kukkikatte I see a Sub Inspector standing with 2 of his constables waiting for a prey! I did not have the bike records with me and luckily due to Nitesh I had carried my license since I had to pass it on to him for creation of a card license.

The constable waved his hand at me asking me to stoop the vehicle. I could have speeded away and he couldn’t have done anything but still since I was speeding at around 50-60 kmph it took me a little while to stop the bike and I stopped around 400 yards from where the constable had waved his hand :)

After this I never got down from my bike nor did my bro. We were waiting for the constable to come and check the records. For 2 mins he din’t turn up and then I turned around and saw him creating a impression that he had to come to my place and check the records if he wished to.

He comes and says ” Records Torsi ( show me the records)”, I show him my license and when was just opening it the Sub Inspector comes :P

This is what he said first ” NIMGE BIKE INDA ILLILIKKE AGUDILLA ALLA, NAVE NIMHATTIRA BANDU RECORDS NODBEKU ALLA” ( you ppl cant get off the bike and above that we need to come to you ppl and check the records..( of course who stopped us :P .. If he wants let him come n check )) then he says,

” Ishtu helidru kuda illilikke agudilla, adika prasaga madidre gadi cease madtane, hoglikke bidudilla”(even after me telling so much yu cant get off the bike right? If you act smart I shall cease your bike right away and wont allow you to go)

As if it was his grandfathers belonging..:P

But then I told my brother to get off the bike. Then I told the Sub Inspector as to I was in a hurry and my dad is waiting in Udupi for us. ;) Listening to this he said ” idu modale hellikke aglillva nimge” ( why couldn’t you tell this to me earlier) :)

Then he checked the license and said you can carry on :)

I then asked him.. Sir we are going to a movie now so it won’t be a problem while coming back right? You ppl won’t be stopping me again right?

I was contradicting my own sentence here.. I had earlier told me I was on my way to meet my dad :P

He was totally drunk and was just waiting to see if he could find a BAKRA and could get some money off them!

Hard luck Mr. Sub Inspector :P

One thing I realized after this incident was that, these government people, be it Politicians or Policemen, all waiting for an opportunity to strike and engulf peoples hard earned money.

If you get caught by a police anytime, if you have the documents and the license with you, don’t ever give a dam to what he says because he cant do a thing to you. He just shows out his frustration since he cant get anything out of you. That is what happened with me :)

It was totally a fun conversation with the inspector which I shall always remember :)




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