Scary Night

When in Final year of my Engineering we had arranged for a days trip to a falls near Kudremukh.. “Hanuman Gundi”.. A very nice place to visit.. We had left from college around 7 in the morning.. Had a nice time there till around 3.. Den visited Malpe beach.. Had dinner in Manipal.. As usual some frens visited the famous “DeeTee”.. It was already 10.30 when we had finished our dinner.. Our driver had already started complainin as to how long it’ll take for us to finish up things.. He had a guest whom he had to pick up from the airport at 1am.. After a long discussion as to which way we would take whether the Karkal-Moodbidri route or the Udupi-Mlore route we finally decided to take the Mlore-Udupi route as it was the national highway and it would be less risky.. We finally started from Manipal at 11pm i guess.. As the vehicle a mini bus had a speed limit machine installed in it the driver couldn’t travel over 60km/hr.. We had to drop some of our freinds at Mlore..
There again we had problem with this guy called Ramnath.. His house was at Kulshekar near Mlore.. He started eating our head as to we gotta leave him near his place as there was no means of transport for him to go.. Who knew the trouble would start by doin so!!!!
If we had to drop him at Kulshekar we had to take the Neer Marga route which is really horrible.. If at all something happens to the vehicle or so there s no means of help we ll get in that region.. No street lights nothing.. One side the driver started his kirkiri by telling he’s getting late and he’s got to pick up the guy from airport!!! We had no other option other than taking the Neer Marga route..
It was very cool in the night.. I guess it was around 12.30.. We were not even half way through and suddenly the vehicle comes to a halt.. Oh my.. Not again.. We were running out of gas..This foolish driver of our had filled the tank with diesel early in the morning when we left college.. After that he din bother about it at all.. So foolish of him.. The tank was fully empty.. The reason the driver gave was the diesel meter showed half full 🙂
WTF!!!! At 1 am in the night and that too at such a place where shall we find diesel.. There was no means we could walk all the way to college like we did the other time.. College was around 25 kms away.. All because of this Ramnath..If not for him we would have taken the highway route via Farengipet and even if the vehicle had stopped we could have asked someone or the other for help since it was a highway..
Now nothing could be done.. 2 vehicles which passed by refused to stop.. The place only is so scary that people will never stop for help.. We were just praying that let someone come and save us from this problem!!!
Suddenly from no where a person comes.. He was wearing a short as i remember and a t-shirt!! According to me there was not a single house in and around the place where our vehicle was stopped and no street lights too.. It was a junction of 3 roads.. He came from one of them.. Approached our driver and asked him the time.. Soon after that he left.. Dunno where he disappeared.. Only a few of us saw that person.. A very skinny guy.. Old age.. Dunno what he was doing there at that time of the night.. !!!!
Our driver started telling the person who came was a GHOST!!! Otherwise at that time of the day nobody would come and ask for the time.. That too at that place where there’s no house around.. We were really excited about this.. Some were quite frightened too hearing about the ghost.. A guy named Preetesh told us about something called “KURVAIL” ghost!!! I don’t know whether it exists or not but according to him it does and it is found at the junction of 3 roads seems :P.. He even said the person who asked the driver the time was the ghost itself and it cannot be anyone else at that time.. Santosh was really frightned hearing this.. N to his bad luck the vehicle too had no fuel.. Din’t know how much more time we had to wait there..
Only god must save us from this problem.. We were lying on the road having nothing to do and were chatting.. Suddenly a bike comes and he asked us what our problem was.. As he came to know we were out of fuel he said he’ll get us fuel from his place which was not far from there.. Our driver went along with him to get it.. We were even scared now as to whether the driver would return back or not 😛 Specially santosh.. After about 15-20 mins the driver returned witha huge can full of fuel!!! It was god only who saved us at that point of time.. The guy who gave us fuel had 25 litres of diesel at his place which he gave us.. I dunno how he had so much quantity..
We really had a very good experience that day.. Miss those college days where we had so much fun.. Wish those days come again.. Miss yu guys…

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