Mobile and Me :)

The world itself is totally spell bound by technology, mobile being its latest product. There’s no person in this whole world who is without a mobile phone. It has been of utmost importance to ones life style that a person cant live without it.

I must say I am a total gadget freak. As the saying goes ” Cell phones and Wives have one thing in common! Kuch din aur rukh jaate toh naya model aajata ” :)

The moment I buy a new phone the counting of days it stays with me begins right after 2-3 days of purchase. Its always been like this. There will be some higher end phones than the one I have and my eyes keep popping towards them, my hands crave to have it.

The first mobile I got was the 2nd hand one which my dad used and then passed it on to me. It was the time I had just joined engineering. It was with so much of buttering which I did and then dad agreed to buy a new cell for himself and gave me his old one. I was now the proud owner of Nokia 3315. :)

A black and white display phone with a green and white body. I really loved having it with me. I must confess I was the proud owner of 3315. None of my friends had a cell phone during d year we joined engineering and my friends parents used to call to me cell to speak to their kids. I was felt proud of this that I was of some help to my friends who would always contact their beloved parents as the landline of our hostel always had a problem. This was in the year 2004.Somehow I managed to hand around with 3315 for almost a year. Frankly speaking just a week after having got the phone, I was bored of it ‘cos it did not have much of the features. It was a basic phone.

After my 1st year of engineering I put forth my want to have one more cell phone which was of higher end than 3315. To my surprise right after my 2nd semester one of my dad’s student presented me with a brand new Nokia 6600 :) It was like a WOW moment of my life then.

6600 was my new girl friend now :) She was with me where ever I went. Spent a hell lot of time with her everyday. It had very good features of 2.0 MP camera, color display, blue tooth connectivity with a very huge screen which really made messaging very easy. I just loved having her with me.

Unfortunately during my 4th semester exams when I was busy writing my Field Theory paper, a person ( some sick asshole ) broke open my room door as well as my cupboard door and kidnapped my 6600. I tried so hard to search for her but all in vain. I had lost her. I missed her a lot. I was left all alone and with nobody to spend time with.

2nd year of my engineering was done and once back home I shifted from 6600 to Nokia 3120. Again a basic model cell but much better than 3315. I was really dejected after the loss of 6600 and I dint want to buy any new one. Wanted to stick with 3120 itself. But somewhere deep inside I still had a want to buy a new cell better than 6600.

It was during this time that my grandfather was seriously ill and I usually made it a point to be there with him in the hospital if I had holidays. And on a given day he tried calling me to come to the hospital but my cell phone beeped saying SWITCHED OFF. The evening I went to see him he asked as to what had happened and got to know about the tragic story of my beloved girl friend. Hence he decided to buy me a new cell instead of me protesting him quite a number of times as to I don’t want a new one. He was adamant and wanted me to have a cell.

I must tell you the influence of advertisement on people. At the hospital he saw the new Nokia N70. It was for the 1st time nokia had launched the N series and the price was sky high. Hardly a week since the release of the set and he wanted me to buy that particular one only and not any other cell. Must tell you there were many of my relatives ( uncles and cousins) who were jealous that my grandfather was giving me such a high end cell that too when the price was sky high. I conveyed this to my grandfather as well but he was adamant on me buying N70 itself.

I couldn’t overrule him and finally bought N70. At first I must sat I was not so excited but as minutes turned hours, and hours turned days I began to love my new girl friend N70. :) It had a elegant look which still I admire about. I say it was a ROYAL cell phone. Even during my exams I used to carry it with me because I dint want my N70 also to land at some robbers hands. Fought with my principal too regarding this. :)

I used it for quite a while. I had bought it I 2005 and till 2008, they year I passed engineering it was with me. It had grown old and was showing signs of it. Nearly after 4 months of my completion of engineering I sold the N70 and was now in a dilemma as to which cell should I buy.

Then my eyes fell on Nokia N81 – 3G. It was the first time I bought a slider phone. With a 2.0 MP camera it had all the features that one could dream off. Bluetooth, music player, N-Gage gaming and WLAN as well which I must say being in manipal has helped a lot through which I used to browse through MAHE’s free WI-FI :P From then till now its still with me running high :) no problem what so ever.

Recently dad has got Nokia E63, a business class phone which is always at home for everyone’s use :) Never seen a classic phone better than this.

Nokia N81 which I still use will be replaced shortly by someother phone :P a new girl friend soon……. :)




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