Life at CEC – Just the begining

Right from my childhood I always used to hate staying in hostels.. My parents always used to scare me, whenever I irritated them the most, saying they would admit me into a hostel in future!!
The things yu feel yu shouldn’t see in your life, sometimes it so happens tat yu ll surely see it :)..
I din wanna go to a hostel @ ne cost.. Wanted to stay with my parents n study, as i knew after engineering der s no chance i ll get to stay with them!! but it turned out right the opposite…
I guess i joined my engineering college on August 1st week.. My college’s located in a mountain.. M not joking.. The path which leads to the college is so horrible.. Something like a hill station.. Very cool during rainy season n for people who love to sleep its the best place ever!!! The best thing about our college hostel was we were allowed to choose our roommates.. I had a fren named Ashwin Shenoy aka Panoy… We decided to stay in the same room..
It was a sunday n the room allocation process started.. We got our room n started meeting our new frens.. Most of my floor guys were my PU classmates itself.. So we really had a nice time sitting n chatting together..
The 1st n 2nd floor of the hostel were for the freshers n the 3rd floor was occupied by the 2nd year guys!! We all had the fear of ragging.. I still remember the stern look our seniors gave d day we joined hostel!! It was really very scary..
It was mid noon n we were feeling quite bored sitting in our rooms.. A guy called Damodar Baliga decided that we all shall go to the 3rd floor where ther s a TV room n enjoy.. So collecting a lot of courage a few of us started moving towards the 3rd floor.. We were really scared as to what the seniors reaction would be.. But still we moved on.. We reached the TV room.. Sat on the chairs n switched on the TV!!! Dam.. The door behind us was shut n we all were kinda trapped inside.. Our seniors had locked us up inside.. For about 15 mins ther was no sign of them opening the door.. Den suddenly the door opened n 3 guys come in n ask us, “Who gave yu permission to enter the TV room!! Tat too on the 1st day of yur admission.. ” We were all silent.. He den said, “This TV room is for the seniors.. For juniors ther s a TV room in the ground floor.. Get out of here n don even dare to come up n also don even think of complaining.. If yu do yu’ll face the consequence..” We just rushed down the stairs.. We were dam terrified from their behaviour.. After n hour or so we went to the ground floor TV room n were enjoying der.. To our surprise the warden comes n bashes out at us again.. The ground floor TV room was for the lecturers n we were duped by our seniors..
Evening we were sitting in our rooms.. All seniors were out on the ground playing n we were not allowed to come to the ground for a week!! On the mountains sitting in yur room sucks badly.. We all gathered in my fren Gujjadi’s room.. He had a mp3 player with woofers.. We played some music n were enjoyin.. The music was quite loud n again the warden comes n shouts at us for playing the music so loud.. He said , “Is this a hostel room or a disc where yu can play such loud music.. It s 10 in the night n yu people are enjoying.. Being the first day @ hostel cant yu sit silent for today atleast.. Yur system is out again playing music this loud, it ll be in my room.. Did yu get it??” We all were dumbstruck.. 1st day @ hostel n we get fucked so badly..The seniors were enjoying each n every moment of this standing in the 3rd floor.. Neva expected such a terrible start to my hostel life…
But as days passed by i came to know the days i spent in hostel were the Best Days till date through out my life..

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