Late Night Walks at CEC

These were the final days of my college life.. I had a friend circle of around 8 in hostel.. Except 2 of us me n jadu all used to booze 🙂 It had been a routine for us in the final year every week once or twice we used to go out for dinner as it was the end of our studying n we would part away soon we made it a point that in the final year we ll enjoy to the core.. And as i had mentioned earlier my college is located in the mountains we had to come to B.C road for a good treat!!! We were the regular customers of a bar and restaurant named Dakshin Court in short DC!!! It was a very good restaurant.. Decent people visited.. Most of the time filled with students of CEC..
This was the day when me,kulla and shiv shankar had to attend our Hughes training in Mlore.. It always used to be till 8 in the night.. So we used to have dinner utside n return back to the hostel.. When we were on our way back from Mlore Santosh calls me up saying he n others will be coming to DC for dinner and then we ll go back together.. So we met up @ DC around 9.. We were totally 6 together.. Tutam had internals n had asked us to get some parcel for him.. We started eating n as usual the others BOOZING!!! N i ll have to mention when these guys start boozing the time doesn’t come into account.. There are times when we were there in the restaurant till 2 or 2.30 n den returning to the hostel.. But this day as all my frens were no present the ceremony ended a lil early.. I guess it was 1 in the nite when we left DC to hostel..
There’s no other means of transport to our hostel from B.C road except for autos during that hour.. We hired a auto.. The auto drivers there hesitate a lot to come to our college.. The reason they say there are “Ghosts” on the way to our Mountain side college.. I have heard a lot of people like the bus drivers, our hostels servants say this but i never believed because i never saw any.. The auto driver we hired was kinda not fully agreeing to come to the college.. We had to persuade him a lot.. We 6 of us in a auto 🙂 Above that i guess 3 guys were totally blown.. After a long time of discussion with the driver he agreed to come to our college for 150 bucks :).. just 15 mins way they charge such a huge amount.. No big deal in that because it was 1.15 in the night when we started from DC..
On the way as usual we were shouting, cracking jokes as though it was 1.15 in the day time.. I dunno what the driver must have thought seeing us behave like that.. I am 101% sure, seeing one of my fren who was totally blown the driver must have thought
” Jokulu marey.. Hakina jasti anda.. Kaas mast undu.. Incha pura hakada life halu malpuera”.. meaning “these kids are totally blown n are pampered by thier parents giving lots of money n these kids spoil their life”..
He din’t speak a word to us.. But we spoke a lot to him.. :).. The streets on the way till the college hardly have streetlights.. Nothing can be seen in and around.. Both sides of the road are forests n all creepy sounds can be heard when silent..
We were almost half way through n suddenly our auto stops giving a jerk.. It usually happens with some auto’s because there are steep up hill roads.. We were not worried so much.. Suddenly the driver says the auto has broken down n he cant fix it now.. Shit!!! We are half way through n we cant even go back to fetch another auto.. At that time of the night where to get help from.. I was not worried about walking to the college which was around 4 kms from that particular spot.. But some of my frens were having a prob.. They were pretty scared.. One of my Fren named Joel Preetam’s house was located nearby.. So i called him up n requested him so that we could park the auto in his place as he cant leave it on the road.. He readily agreed n his dad helped us in that matter.. One prob solved but our huge problem was to get back to the college..
We had no other way other than walking the 4.5 kms in the nite wid only the moon n our cell phones showing the way wid the light!!!
We started walking all the way.. It was pitch dark.. Except for our cell phone lights.. Jadu had his special cell phone torch leadin the way..Guys who were blown came back to their senses after walkin a km or so 🙂 It was so much fun walking with them.. Santosh n Jadu were pretty scared though.. I and Kulla were scaring them a lil more by telling all nonsensical stories.. 🙂 Walking 4.5kms is quite a tuf job in that time of the day.. Above this we had to carry tutams and his roommates parcels all the way.. Such a huge parcel we shifted from one guy to the other in regular intervals.. I n kulla fought regarding that too :).. Each step which santosh put ahead was wid so much scare in his mind.. 🙂 His face was worth watching even though now he denies he was not scared.. But everyone knows how scared he was.. 🙂
We tied our shirts to our waists n singing nice songs we moved on n on n on..!!! Finally around 2.30 or so i guess we reached our hostel.. Entering the hostel thru the construction building.. Climbing walls to get inside.. Wow.. Wat a nite.. I just cant forget this.. There were no ghosts nothing.. I guess we were having so much fun even during that time of the night n in that place we never felt the walk tiresome..
That night walk will be cherished by everyone for sure throughout their life.. Specially Santosh!!!

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