Entering wordpress.com finally!

Its been really a painful journey with this blog thing! Been really pathetic I must say. First Blogger den to a co.cc domain which really put me upside down. Every other day there was a problem and today finally I AM PROUD TO SAY I GOT RID OF IT :)

Will try to add all the posts which were there in my previous blog. For people who have read it, please excuse me for posting it again. For ppl new to my blog read and do lemme know regarding the same :)

Hope you’ll enjoy the forecoming posts here!



4 thoughts on “Entering wordpress.com finally!

  1. Good to see you in wordpress my friend! Be a blogger faithful and keep writing as often as you can.. If i remember right, WordPress goal of 2011 is one blog entry per day! just write anything anytime of the day when u can!

    1. i was in wordpress only dude previously.. but had hosted it on a server which had terrible issues.. hence got back to wordpress.com now!

      yeah sure bro.. will keep posting 🙂


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