Aftermath of PUC

Well, it was 6.30 in the evening and it was a Tuesday!! The most horrible day of my life.. My 2Nd PUC results were out and i had fared very badly.. That moment i thought all my dreams were into the drain.. No hopes of getting into a good Engineering College.. MIT,Manipal was my1st choice. I had done well in AIEEE..Secured a rank enough to get a seat in MIT. But to my bad luck as usual my batch AIEEE based seat selection was cancelled @ MIT..

Oh WTF!!!! What was the use studying for that AIEEE!! Frankly speaking the Questions of AIEEE were out of my reach but due to somethings i cud manage a quite good score!!
MIT,Manipal hopes shattered!!
My dream of becoming an engineer started rite from the time i was a small kid!! My eldest uncle was a Civil Engineer n i just wanted to get into that profession.. Later on as i grew up i somehow realised Civil Engineering had a pretty rough patch ahead so wanted Electronics and Communication!!
I let down my parents very badly with my 2nd PUC results.. Lots were expected out of me.. I still remember crying so badly on tat day.. The next day we had to leave to Goa for the temple.. It was the most Horrible journey of my life..
As usual relatives and family frens started telling:
” Why do you wanna do engineering with such a score?? Aren’t there many other courses which you can do?? Why spend so much money again?? Wat if you don fare well there too?? “
Well, believe me i had no words to say to them cos i knew how hard i had worked during my 2nd PU.. But things din go my way.. I just told my mom n dad that anything happens m going to join Engineering and i wanna join E&C itself.. Be it any college in any place m ready to do it..
I just wanted to shut those bloody mouths who spoke so rudely.. I knew it was a tuf task ahead but it was nothin more when compared to the hardship my parents had gone through cos of me.. They had to listen a lot cos of me.. I just wanted to make them proud..
I always believe in “MALSHI” our Kuladevata.. I always had the faith in her.. I somehow knew she wont lemme down under any circumstances..
I just always remember my dads sentence:

“All that Happens is for your own Good”

I finally got in Canara Engineering College[CEC].. I got a seat for E&C itself.. It was something good only that happened.. The college was situated in Mangalore and every weekends i cud come home to meet ma parents.. It was a Konkani minority institution..Most of my frens who were with me in MGM, were ther with me in CEC too..:-)
I was just eagerly waiting to join..
A fantastic 4yrs of fun, frolic, excitement, tension, fight and what not, was to be expected very soon…

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