That Late Night Ride!

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Always during those childhood days, specially for those who were born until the 80’s, one of the favorite evening entertainment would be the long bicycle rides all around the town:) Miss those days and just wanted to revive it somehow!

Ever since I moved to SG, one of the major things that I could see all over was, hell lot of bicycles:) It was indeed a very good change to see these unlike that in Bangalore where the majority of the roads are clogged with vehicles. The excitement to buy one was very much there but due to various reasons it never happened and always would have to rent one of them and ride along the lovely beaches of SG.

Finally last week, the muhurta was right I can say and I did manage to buy one of it which had Gears too!:) Yes, a proud owner of a bicycle😉 Gear cycles were never there back then during my childhood days and it only came into market quite late with ‘Swing’ being the first one which I still remember

Flashback to childhood days, I had a small mini cycle first which was utilised to the max possible extent and due to the very thin tyres that it had, it would fly off in a jiffy. Speed was a thrill back then and I think there is nobody left in my neighborhood that have not complained to my mother about those speedy rides I had.:).

After hearing quite a lot of those, my father had a very smart idea and gifted me one of the bigger bicycles:) My excitement had no bounds. The size of the new bicycle was atleast 5 times the one I had before which goes on to tell how much excited I was:) The brand was Hercules MTB! Amongst my friends circle, mine was that amazing one which stood out and it added on to my excitement. My height did not permit me to sit on the seat and ride it but just had to manage by some way of riding called ‘Monkey Peddling’ whereby, I would have to put my legs between the horizontal rods in order to ride the bicycle. Even though it looked odd, I did not care and I was only happy about having a new bicycle. The smart thing that I spoke about my father was that, this bicycle had huge tyres and very thick ones which meant that, no matter how hard you peddle, for my strength it just wouldn’t run faster😉 Even though he had to shell out 1,800 Rs for the cycle, yes it did cost so less back then, overall he won the battle and I was confined to slow rides thereafter.

The excitement of getting a new bicycle back then from Anthony Cycle Works (the only shop back then in Udupi) was tremendous and I still remember the day they delivered it to my doorstep. It was the same excitement now or may be even more while waiting for my new bicycle here at SG:)


Post the delivery, unfortunately there were heavy rains and I had to wait well past midnight to try it out on the roads of SG! Yes, 1am to 2:30 am on the lonely streets with a broad smile and the amazing breeze hitting my face as I rode through, it was absolutely an amazing feeling to relive after almost 20 years or even more.



I do not know how much I am going to use it going ahead but the happiness of buying and more than buying, riding one is immense:)


New Year, New Beginnings!

February 9, 2016 § 6 Comments

2016 is here! I cannot use the word “FINALLY” as 2015 flew by so fast that, like a gush of a wind which blew you down to 2016! A very late post, with January already ended and February mid way through, here I am finding that time to blog something:) Oh yes, Happy New Year folks:)

Well, I won’t be talking about all of the 2015 beautiful memories but for one amazing thing which started in May,2015!

2015 had quite a busy schedule with one of our main products going through a major revamp and with side by side projects in fray, 24 hours in the day seemed less. As I was busy in my own world trying to learn things as well as fix the issues that I had added in the process of learning, my parents were planning on setting me up and getting me on the next level in life :)

Age is a just a number in ones life but for parents there are certain responsibilities they need to fulfil at the right number and they feel some things needs to be done at the right age to have the right effect:) Yes, you read my mind here, marriage it was in question and almost since 2014 October they were quite willing to start off the Mega Hunt! May 2015, it was my cousins wedding and I was pretty sure for all the running around the bush that I did regarding marriage prior to this, I didn’t have another bush to run around and was supposed to answer when I go back home. It turned out as expected and I had to wave a green flag for the search.
Let me brief you how the Bride search happens in our Gowda Saraswat Brahmin community the traditional way!
  1. It is mainly by word of mouth that the news spreads that such and such a guy is eligible and is ready for marriage amongst the community folks. But with Internet and social media these days, there are few community websites where you can upload the details for the rest to see or rather portray about the girl or the boys current status. Mine wasn’t uploaded anywhere and we chose the traditional ‘word of mouth’ strategy – slow but always effective😉
  2. Girls parents usually contacts the boys side for the horoscope and exchange of the horoscope along with probably the pictures takes place. Usually, these are shared via mails these days but if we go back not more than 10 years back, the girls parents used to visit the boys side in person and hand over the horoscope in person.
  3. Post the horoscope exchange, the astrologer from each side matches the horoscope and based on his Green flag talks proceed.
  4. Once horoscope matches, parents from both sides decide upon the family and the respective girl/boy having a good character, job etc etc in other words, whether he/she is capable or not of entering the wedlock.
  5. Post which, the ball is in the boys/girls court with a meet being set up and then confirmation/rejection happens.

Mega Hunt:
I was in India during November for Dasara for a good 3 weeks but everything was silent. As my leaves was the primary concern for me, I wanted to settle something before I head back but not everything happens as you want it to be right.:)

During my final week of stay or rather I can say it was 3 days until my flight back to Singapore when one of my mothers cousin called up stating her brothers daughter is working for TCS, Bangalore and they are willing to give the horoscope. The horoscope exchange happened with my photograph being mailed across and they sending her one. These days, astrologers are quite busy and with their schedule running very tight, it is very difficult to get their time. When all this was unfolding, I headed back and my normal life began here at SG.

No sooner did I come back, things kicked off in quite a good pace with developments happening day by day. I had a major project cut over during the month of November and I wanted to somehow push proceedings post the implementation and the warranty support so that I could think in peace:) but, things happened the other way. As I wanted to buy time, I asked for few more photographs which also came across within a couple of days leaving me with no choice but to continue with the flow. First look at the photograph and I messaged in our family group – “She is Pretty”:) and with my parents already having liked her and her family, the ball was in my court. I asked for her number and I spoke to her to set up a ‘Skype Call Date’ the following day. Was I excited? Yes, I was! I was in middle of an production implementation and hence the excitement died down quick.

November 28th, 12pm IST, I had set up a call with her and due to my over night implementation back at work, I woke up close to 11:55am IST:) after suddenly realizing that there was a call I managed to get some 15mins buffer after texting her. She obliged with a smile:) The call eventually started at around 12:20pm approx which lasted for around an hour and 10 minutes. I did not meet her face-to-face but that skype call was enough for me to agree and wave the flag back. :) What we spoke for an hour plus ten minutes is something that I would not like to disclose but it definitely was something that struck a chord and I was happy and smiling post the same.:) I guess she too was :) Post that, I spoke to my mom and I did not have to say anything to her, she herself knew my answer:)

I had an team outing that evening so I came back quite late that day. There was a logic that her and her sister had – If I messaged her that very day, it would mean I was interested and have agreed and yes I did send her a picture of my team post the outing:) So, the logic was proved right:)

Arranged marriage was something I always wondered as to how it would even happen and go through during the initial stages of getting to know someone unknown and here I was experiencing the same. I used to ask my parents, specially mom about the experience she had when she initially met dad as during those days there were no mobiles, no messages and even calls were very less and expensive. We are lucky to be in the century where communication between any corner of the world is possible with even very less amount to pay for.

Thus began our initial round of whatsapp and calls with texts being thoughtfully sent, calls made but words being carefully used but the bridge was built quite fast with frequent calls and messages. It did not take long to know her, at least some of her likes,dislikes etc if not in-depth. With the time difference of 2.5 hours, I had to quit a little bit of sleep time in order to get adjusted to the call timings but overall, it was quite a wonderful initial start.:)

The Meet:

The first meet was something I was working on with December being a month of block leaves for most of the employees and me having taken my share early in November there was a bit of cover up to be done back at work and hence until January 8th, I had to postpone my first meet with her. December month went across in a jiffy with my parents meeting her and her parents and from the pictures I could say that parents were very happy after the meet.:) Sometimes, when you see your parents happy, the feelings says a lot and we don’t need to think twice about the rest.

January 8th did finally arrive with 4 days of Bengaluru trip planned and this trip was special! The First ever meet:) Quite a number of questions were being asked internally, how do I react, what should I talk, how should I behave etc etc. and somehow I remember telling myself enroute to Bengaluru to remain calm and go by the flow. My flight landed at approx 12:45am at BIAL, post which I called up my parents informing about the safe arrival and also texted her about the same. I was supposed to meet her and her family next noon but somehow there was a gut feeling that she had come down to pick me up from the airport! I refrained from asking her the same, but I was constantly  bombarded with questions about my immigration, luggage formalities being completed or not which kind of added on to my gut feeling:)

When I did manage to come out, my gut feeling was true and there she was:) along with her father, sister and brother in law! A “HI” was all that I muttered to say(too too cold in bangalore😉 ) as somehow it was a totally different feeling of meeting face to face for the first time even though we had conversations for hours together daily until then:) I was happy, very happy seeing her:)

Warm Welcome to Bengaluru in that Chilly Weather :)

Warm Welcome to Bengaluru in that Chilly Weather:)

They dropped me to my brothers place at Vijayanagar. Casual talks all through with legs being pulled by her sister and brother in law was the highlight of the travel. I managed to speak only a few things directed just to her and the rest of conversation was on general topics. It was a totally unexpected first meet and the spontaneous reaction from me was “EXCITED AND NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO”:) It indeed was a wonderful first meet which will always remain special to me! Thanks to Akka and Bavaji for arranging the same:)

Saturday was a formal meet with her family along with mine followed by lunch which was sumptuous. So many items that, a little of everything would fill up your tummy. Me and my bro being very less eaters, we managed only little of everything😉

Along with my dad and brother :)

Along with my dad and brother:)

Her Parents, Sister and Brother In Law :)

Her Parents, Sister and Brother In Law:)

Then came the first ever bike ride to Majestic as my dad had some shopping to do and finally I had some time to spend with her alone:):) With the lovely Bengaluru traffic, moving at snails pace, it was definitely worth all the time! A dinner at ‘Little Italy’ that night winded up Saturday with the long ride ‘alone’ back home that was a bit chilly. No, I mean it. Very chilly:)
Cousins :)


Sunday was an all cousins outing, with Omkar Hills and Dodda Alada Mara being the 2 preferred destinations! Omkar hills situated approximately 14kms on Mysore road. Thanks to Hemanth for picking up this place for a short but sweet outing. More than the place of outing, the travel up and down alongside her was very special:) I was meeting her for the very first time and getting to spend some time together was indeed very much helpful to gel up more. May be due to the constant messages and calls over the past month made the bonding quite good and I did not feel that I am meeting her for the very first time nor did I search for words or topics all through the travel. Thanks to Mannu who sacrificed his bike ride and let me ride all through:)
At Omkar Hills

At Omkar Hills

Monday and Tuesday was specifically dedicated to her!:) Lunch at Rajadhani followed by long long talks sitting alongside the man-made lake at Orion Mall was really pleasant. Isckon temple visit also was peaceful where I could see some good helpful nature in her. We were returning down post darshan, where we could see a small girl approximately 5 to 6 year old lost and crying badly. She immediately went to the kid, tried to console her and then took her to the security for further announcement to be made. The security official there assured us that the girl is safe and we may proceed but SHE was not so happy to do so. After approximately 10 minutes with a heavy head we went across and during all this while there was this worried look on her face as to what happened to the girl and no matter how much I tried to console her saying the girl would be fine, she just could not get it out of her mind. Just before we left Isckon we managed to meet the same security official who informed us about the girl being reunited with her parents:) There was huge relief seen on HER face hearing this news. The willingness to help someone in need is what that moved me:)

Orion Mall and then the next day Mantri mall was quite wonderful. Tuesday flew off very very soon with the thought of departure that night looming around😦 Akka and Bavaji did come to drop me back again to the airport as I could spend those extra couple of hours again with her:)

All along, the only thought that went through me was that, how quickly life had changed and there was someone beside me who cares for me now a lot who before a month was someone unknown. I am grateful to malshi to have given me such lovely parents and brother who care for me and love me by supporting me in all ways possible and now one more family added to that with her parents and sister and bavaji, caring equally for me.:)

Those 4 days were one of the most wonderful moments of my life that I would cherish throughout and with marriage being 7 months down the line, this definitely was a meet that was very much needed:) Yes, I always mentioned as “HER” & “SHE” – but here I can happily introduce “Vidya Pai” to you all:)

Malshi and parents blessings have made it possible to find someone who I felt is ideal for me with respect to her nature, behaviour and also care,concern and respect she has towards elders. Mingling with my family and treating them as theirs is one of the most important and noteworthy thing that I admired a lot in her and I am sure there are many more things I am willing to know as and when time progresses:)



To this beautiful start – Thank you Vidya for accepting me the way I am and I hope the first meet was equally amazing for you as well!:)


Cricket – Integral Part of Every Indians Life! :)

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Who does not love cricket being born in India?:)

A chance to play cricket through out during childhood every single evening was one of thing that I will cherish through out my life. Grab your cycle, visit each of your friend’s place and give a shout, gather maximum people and then enjoy the lovely game. I always heard my father telling me, if you don’t call your friends going to their house each day, won’t they come to play?:) That was part of the fun. Get to bat, bowl and keep and your day is at its best.

I still recollect those days when we cousins used to stay over at my grandparents place. So much cricket that, wake up, have breakfast and play cricket. Come down for lunch, wrap it up in a jiffy and again play cricket. Evening go out to the beach or outside on the ground and again play cricket:) No, I really am not exaggerating these above things. This is what we used to do for the whole of summer holidays and trust me we loved every bit of it. Of course, we did not have mobile phones or Playstations to play with like how kids of this new generation have, so we found solace in out-door games and cricket was on top of our list.

It so happened and I am lucky that cricket has been integral part of my life till date. Engineering days playing for your class team, during masters playing for University, at Tata Elxsi playing for the company team every week in week out with the best of the corporate teams of Bangalore. I must thank Chetan Jayatheerta for giving me that excellent chance to be in the team and enjoy every bit of it and on course learn a lot as well. After moving to Singapore, I did have a break from cricket for obvious reasons (read as work :P) but nonetheless, I did play for my boss’s team on a turf wicket and quite a number of those Cage Cricket games where in you hit the walls and you score runs. It is not as much fun as the open ground cricket but definitely if your technique is good then you succeed in scoring:) Twice a month we colleagues play over at the ground around Changi Business Park in Singapore and through some recently made friends at client places, I also did get a chance to play in a couple of tournaments as well:)

The fun tournament was last week at ECP – GSB Samaj Cricket tournament played between 6 teams and each consisting of 7 players out of which 2 were either kids or women. 6 overs a side inside the cage and the fun was unlimited. Being part of GSB community even after coming over to Singapore is one of the best things that could have happened and definitely knowing new people each visit is always worth it. Even though my team lost both the games, the spirit with which each team played was commendable. Looking forward to many more of such tournaments.

All set for the Start of the tournament!


Did manage to play a good game:)

My team with the Trophy (Just posing :P)

The total team with full of energy

I really wished our game were uploaded live on the UC Cricket plugin which has some amazing features which one must definitely try out. Had it been done, my mother would have loved to watch me play each and every game of mine with absolute happiness:) visit the link to know more on the same.

This blogspot is part of the Indiblogger Surf it all post.


Stand & Dance – Team Pachajanya :)

June 3, 2015 § 2 Comments

Finally! I get the video from the Mehendi dance which I was referring to in my earlier post. Haven’t read it yet? – Here is the link to the same: Big Fat Konkani Wedding:)

It was amazing to be back on stage once again after my masters:) I know you all were badly waiting to see me dance😛

Enjoy the video. Hope you all like it!!


The Big Fat Konkani Wedding :)

June 1, 2015 § 9 Comments

It was almost a month and a half earlier since I had applied for my leaves and getting back to India for a short vacation was just too exciting! Nah, don’t go by the title, I wasn’t going for my wedding:) It was my cousin’s wedding. More than the wedding it was the full family get together along with time being spent with parents and brother that was getting me excited. Finally, April 30th,2015  – India did beckon:)

The to-do tasks on my cellphone were more and with wedding around, time was quite less in hand. When you have mom around you, then there is nothing to worry about! Forget everything and leave it to her. She knows what is the best. That’s why she is called mom:)

Family :)


The weddings in our Konkani tradition are usually a 3 day thing but with the introduction of Mehendi and Reception, it’s a big 5 days wedding!

Day 1 – Vadap – It is a very close family gathering wherein the elders who are no more with us are remembered and respected by keeping dhoti for gents and sari for women followed by lunch. Its kind of short ritual which is known as “Vadap”. The next day was the mehendi and hence, all cousins from our side had planned for a small dance program which as usual dint have any preparations done. It was almost after ages we all cousins were meeting together in one place and the happiness was beyond boundaries and by having our lil angel Nadantika( my cousins daughter ) amongst us, the happiness was beyond expression of words.

The practice for the dance started at around 8pm, with all contributing actively towards the same. As the guys side too had planned for quite a few numbers, we girls side dint want to stand back and watch. Humko bhi dikhana tha😉 It was a simple stand and dance with a combination of various songs such as ‘Washing Powder Nirma’, ‘Jaane Ja’, ‘Bhaag dk Bose’ and many more with the final one coming from Ulidavru Kandante movie – The Tiger dance:) the tiger dance is very famous dance in the south part of India where guys gets painted with Tiger stripes and dance to the tunes of various hit numbers as well as the typical tiger beat from the drums. We made sure, the brides dad too was part of this final act of Tiger Dance:)

Day 2 – Mehendi Day – was absolutely wonderful with our simple yet effective dance winning us lot of appreciations! Job well done with just over 2hrs practice:) Special thanks to our choreographer @hemukamath for all the in-depth details:) more than anything else, the star performer for the day was Nadantika with her solo for the song – “Radha on the Dance floor”. She was looking absolutely gorgeous with her attire and her steps with expressions just made the day wonderful! I so wanted to post a video of our dance but I am yet to receive a copy of the same. Will happen soon, as I know you are super excited to see my dance😛

Stand and Dane :)

Stand and Dane:)



Day 3 – Vade Tandul Dhuvche – This day, the whole family is invited wherein water is pulled out from the well and the rice is washed over in order to prepare a different type of vada(no, not the idli sambhar vada😉 ) and is served over to all which is followed by Pooja and sumptuous Konkani lunch:) Basically a women centric ritual where men just have the job of driving women to the destination and back😉 After the noon function and lunch, evening we cousins played out a game called “TABOO” which was just too amazing! Haven’t heard about this game from funskool? is waiting for you😛 Thanks to Pujan for introducing us to this lovely game. Taboo was followed by ‘Sweet Packing’:) It was just amazing to have all sit in one place, pulling each others legs and get the job done in a jiffy! More the people more merry it is.

Gorgeous Ladies

Gorgeous Ladies

Sweet Packing!

Sweet Packing!

Day 4 – Wedding day – Just suit up and pose for pics:) That’s all we have to do as most of the work is for bride, the groom and their parents! The selfie stick from flipkart did the trick for me even though I did not get the one I had ordered for but the one I got too was good enough to click some lovely images during the complete ceremony:) the photo booth idea was quite a nice one with various hoardings to hold and pose at! The heat was unbearable due to which, food consumption just went way too low with water being the only saviour. The best part of being at a wedding is that, you get to meet so many friends and family members who you can catch up with at one place! It was indeed a pleasant function with lots of memories to take away from. Good as well as bad:)

GentleMen :)


The Dudes!

The Dudes!

Cousins with the Bride

Cousins with the Bride

Big Family :)

Big Family:)

Handsome Hunks

Handsome Hunks



Pretty Mom and Handsome Dad!

Pretty Mom and Handsome Dad!



Bharath Mata Ki Jai :)

Bharath Mata Ki Jai:)

With my Angel - Nadantika

With my Angel – Nadantika

Day 5 – Reception – Mangalore was the place of reception. It was a very formal function marking the end to the big wedding. The only though running through out my mind was next day is the last day of my vacations and sooner I will have to get back to work!

After so much fun over a week time with family and coming back now to Singapore, it was just amazing to recollect in this post the super awesome moments I spent back in India. Family is one thing that always is by you any time of the day and any number of times – Just a phone call away!:)

Arun and Archana - Happy Married Life.

Arun and Archana – Happy Married Life.

Wishing Arun and Archana a very Happy Married Life:)

India until next time:)


Keep Life Simple!!

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Ever wondered actually how simple our life is and its we who make it complicated!

Yes, from the tiniest of things, we dig deep into it and make a mess out of the whole situation before finally being left out all alone in the cold unable to do anything about it. I know, its definitely not easy to keep everything simple in life. Some things are meant to happen which just complicates everything and you just cant let it be by itself. It keeps eating you over and over again.

During such times, the best thing is to do what you love to do:) My post for

When sometimes, I am blank and some thoughts just doesn’t go out of my mind, I do what I do best – Engage myself in work:) I know I am too much but yes, that helps me quite a bit. Beach and Music is one more thing which is definitely the best thing that can happen to self. With the cool breeze hitting your face and scattering your hair, the sound of waves slashing in front of you along with the soothing melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal ringing, you go into a state of trance which is nothing but bliss.  A long bike ride or a super long drive on the loveliest of the roads, it just gets on to you and definitely it makes you feel SUPER:)

If not for any of the above, you have your lovely parents and siblings and also the amazing bunch of friends who you can always rely on any time of the day throughout the year. All are just a phone call away and they can definitely get that pinch out of your mind:)

If not for the complete day, for that particular moment you will get out of the thought which was haunting you and your mind definitely will ease out and gradually you will learn how to Keep it Simple. By beginning to enjoy the tinniest of things happening around you and loving what you are currently doing will not only keep you mind at ease but also will help a lot to keep unwanted thoughts away. No, I am not saying they will vanish off. We are humans😛 and some or the other problems have to come to us. But learning to keep life simple, helps us a lot to face any situation we come across big or small and come out victorious.

Belief in self and god will lead you to success in whatever you are doing. My word:)

Before I go on and on with my philosophy, I better end it with a small video which I am sure you will like:)


Out in the Open – Lovely Bike Ride

March 18, 2015 § 4 Comments

Thinking back of the 8 months I spent in Bengaluru with my brother, one of the many wonderful moment was that of the Nandi Hill bike ride with his group of friends. Must say, one of the beautiful ones till date, my write-up on #together for

It was suddenly planned ride over and we didn’t think much on what to do and what not to. Nandi Hills and the ride – It was a green signal:) The early morning wake up and the ride was delayed due to some reason (read it as sleep😛 ) but we managed to start off by 6 from MG Road.

The best part of the ride being the other 2 bikes which accompanied us. Enfield vs The Hunk😀. I know, it’s not even a comparison to make. I duly remember, on the roads towards the airport with not much traffic, the enfields just zoomed away and even though we were clocking around 110-120 kmph ourselves on our Hunk, it just felt like riding a TVS Luna which is going at a speed of  40kmph😉 At such speed, my brothers hat went for a toss😛 and he had to walk back almost half a km to go and fetch it amidst the traffic. It was indeed funny.

The bengaluru weather added on the beauty of the trip with all of us literally shivering by the time we reached Nandi Hills. The  tea stop just before the turn towards Nandi hills from the highway with Pancakes was really out of the world. Sometimes, it’s just these small shops which are the ones which serve food with utmost love and care to its customers that it makes it stand out from the rest and also does add-on the flavour somehow.

The only person not shivering and fully energetic even after riding around for 2 hours plus was none other than my HUNK😛 His body had heated up so badly and he just was not in a mood to cool down despite of my extra efforts. On the other hand there were these 2 royal enfields just laughing away at this poor guy who just could not live up to the name HUNK:) I still have the HUNK with me, even though I rarely get to ride these days and I must say, even though it’s not for the long rides, the comfort that it provides is absolutely classic.

The scenery up there, even though the sun was already up and shining was so mesmerizing and with the cool breeze hitting up on us, it made the visit even more blissful. Sometimes or rather most of the times I must say, we tend to indulge ourselves into all the fake things surrounding us that we forget to enjoy the real beauty of nature.

Its been over 2 years now since that trip happened and I just am planning one more around April but this time on a new devil – Pulsar 200 NS:) If the bandwidth of people around you matches well then there is nothing like having a road trip.

Now that you have come so far, do take some time to watch the video below. The music is catchy. –



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