A fun filled Foodie Get-Together :)

It was an amazing get together with friends yesterday – A Foodie One I must say 🙂

Ambica is a lady who is always kind and smiling with a heart so wide open that she has always been there for me here ever since I moved to SG. Whenever I need her the most and by most which has 99% been for yummy konkani delicacies 😉 – a home away from home, she has been there 🙂

Yesterday was one more foodie get together at Ambica’s, with Raghu, Sudhir, Rohith and the lovely couple 😉 (no prizes for guessing here 😛 ). As usual, full of fun, a lot of food and still more food happened. 🙂

With Raghu & Sudhir turning into forced bachelorhood, Rohith about to leave bachelorhood, this meet up was nice but would have been more fun if Aks and Jaya too were around with the kids. Nonetheless, Jhankis were not deprived of 🙂 and the menu was quite a thing with a fish starter, paneer chilly, stuffed mushroom and paneer ghee roast. All finger licking good (yeah, I meant it for the veggie part here 😛 ). Main course had Pulav with Raita and Pomfret fish (as I heard it 😀 ) cooked inside a banana leaf. Drools heard over the room 😀

Paneer Ghee Roast
Paneer Ghee Roast
Paneer Chilly
Stuffed Mushrooms
Chicken Something 😀
Pomfret Masala on Banana leaf

Master Vinayak with his super energetic “Bappa” calls filled total energy to the evening and yes those “Pachi” calls did pinch a bit 😛 (Mugdha are you reading? 😛 )

The Kokke Gang :)
The Kokke Gang 🙂

Thanks Ambica and Bavaji for being such an amazing host, having us all over for this amazing evening. A BBQ early 2017 on the cards 🙂


Tulasi Pooja @ Madhuvan, Singapore :)

There is atleast 2 blog posts in draft mode to be posted before this one but pending baggage should not affect the current happening 🙂

Post marriage, it was the first pooja in Singapore which my wife and me celebrated away from home but with much excitement leading towards it.

“Tulasi Pooja” it was, in other words the wedding of goddess Tulasi. A small ritual in our culture whereby the Tulasi plant is decorated with lots of flowers and rangoli (an art made of colored powder or of colored chalks), sweets and fruits offered to goddess Tulasi, chant some Tulasi Astotara (stotras) and offer pooja at the end. I must say, back in my house at Manipal, this festival is celebrated in a grand way whereby a small tulasi is created out of mud and tulasi planted in it. Reason being, as Goddess tulasi is getting married, her sister has to be beside her during the time of marriage (a hindu ritual called “deddi”). Lots of sweets, crackers all around. Miss all of it!

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Travel Diaries :: Kusu Islands, Singapore

Travel is something that we all often do. Blogging about it is something we seldom do 🙂 Visited quite few places in Singapore which are “NOT THE ONES HIGHLIGHTED” in Places to visit in Singapore and I felt the need that a small post about these has to be written so that somewhere someone searches gets this post 🙂
Singapore itself being an island, is surrounded by plenty others where by Singaporeans always love to visit and spend their weekends! One such is Kusu Island. 🙂
Located just about 7kms from Singapore which can be reached via ferry in a matter of 20 minutes, this island is absolutely magnificent. An ideal getaway place from the hustle bustle of the busy city life, it also helps you to relax and soothe your eyes.

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Frost The Trail – Charity Run at SG!

Team Tetherfi was proud to be associated with a Charity Run – “Frost The Trail” which was organised by Frost and Sullivan, with two teams consisting of 4 each registered for a 5km run at Macritchie Reservoir 🙂 I must say, our team was very excited about the run as majority of the personnel running were doing so for the first time in their life which added on to the excitement and with few pro runners too in the team and some much needed tips from them helped as well.
Saturday, 13th August, 06:30am, it all started with lots of warm up and motivation followed by the mandatory “Before the Run” picture :
Before the Run
Before the Run

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A Day of Surprise! :)

Singapore has been like a home away from home for me with many of GSB community friends and having those frequent meet-ups which is always fun. By being an active member of the GSB community, the new families that you meet back from India always adds up to the spice 🙂 Its always that amazing feeling of meeting a Konkani person or for that matter anyone from India in some other country! The feeling that “Oh, our people are here as well” 🙂 Amazing feeling to get when you are far from your loved ones. 🙂

June being holidays for schools in SG, my friends here were planning to go on a vacation to India and a get together was being planned since quite long with various ideas of BBQ party, Pot Luck etc were flying and as usual I was just being informed on the developments by my friend or rather now I can say a sister(Ambica Kudva) and Bavaji (Vidhyadhar Kudva). Ambica is my best friend Namrathas cousin and hence ever since I moved here to SG they have been a part of everything 🙂 I was in middle of a project delivery with the roll out being planned for 28th of May. A get together was planned for 22nd May and I obliged with the dates as my roll-out would not interfere but little did I know the roll out would get pre-poned due to some month end freeze. There I was stuck with 2 events to attend to and none I could miss. I must say, 3 as the third one was a T20 game which I would talk about in separate blog post all together 🙂

It was going to be a touch and go situation for the noon get together as always these implementations are scheduled on Saturday night and running overnight until almost 9am. If no issues are found during the implementation then it usually ends up earlier. Lucky for me there were no major issues during the implementation (pats back :P) but the sign off did take time and went up to post 11am in the morning. Yes, from previous day 9pm to next day 11am! Ambica was really hell bent on me attending the get-together and little did I realize all through out that there was something cooking behind closed doors. This is what happens when you are in middle of a project deployment 😛 You tend to forget your very own existence but I must say, the amazing feeling you get post the rollout is absolutely mind blowing. 🙂


I reached her place around 11:30am to be greeted by the cute lil prince – Vinayak 🙂 He is such a darling with the amazing smile that he has and his love and affection towards me is immense. Its been like a second home for me with at-least 1 weekend a month I spend with them savouring some amazing Konkani cuisines which she happily prepares for me. [Remembering the stuffed karela when I am typing this 😛 Slurppp!!!] Sometimes there will be these bonus calls coming from her – “Come home for dinner, I have prepared something! If I say, I have some work and may not be possible, she starts giving me the menu list so that no matter what work I have I make sure I go and gulp those” 🙂 Yes, coming back to Vinayak – he is two and half years old and as I keep visiting them often the bond between us is super strong now. “BAPPA” is what he calls me – konkani word for uncle! Yes, I am an uncle now. (Aunt is on her way to SG :P) I don’t understand the language he speaks – doodle doodle wala cutie language, but the way he talks with all his heart you will get drawn towards him, such is his love 🙂 A moment here and there, he calls “Bappa, come”, “Bappa, doodle doodle doodle” 🙂  Every visit of mine, he comes and shows me all the new toys that he has got post our previous meet and the explanation about those toys – Don’t event ask me! You should experience it 🙂 – he is such a cutie.

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Shopping Diaries!

Shopping! The word itself lits up many eyes specially for the ladies out there but not necessarily for all 😉 (let me play little safe here :P)

Wedding dates rushing super fast and there had to be a short trip back to India to complete all the shopping! By look of it, it seems a simple task but when you really get into a wedding shopping then the list is humongous. Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. The list goes on and on!!

Thanks to parents and my master mind brother, we could chalk out a list with what things needs to be bought, where and how many. Sometimes, if you have a plan and act accordingly then it’s as simple as it is. So was our wedding shopping. Trust me, with everything set prior to my touch down, one and half days we winded up almost everything.

Bengaluru is just an amazing place to be and we got to buy few saris from the Weaver’s themselves. Big brands buy from these and we end up paying double the price for just the brand. Some beautiful sari from these Weaver’s were very pleasant to the eyes. Also, we ended up in one wholesale shop for sari known to my fiancee and end to end sari selection was completed in record time of 4hrs 🙂 Even though I wasn’t very actively involved in it, but the way these guys sell those is magnificent. By the look of it, you can’t say which is what and unless and until you have in-depth knowledge about silks you can be caught off guard and duped easily.


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That Late Night Ride!

Always during those childhood days, specially for those who were born until the 80’s, one of the favorite evening entertainment would be the long bicycle rides all around the town 🙂 Miss those days and just wanted to revive it somehow!

Ever since I moved to SG, one of the major things that I could see all over was, hell lot of bicycles 🙂 It was indeed a very good change to see these unlike that in Bangalore where the majority of the roads are clogged with vehicles. The excitement to buy one was very much there but due to various reasons it never happened and always would have to rent one of them and ride along the lovely beaches of SG.

Finally last week, the muhurta was right I can say and I did manage to buy one of it which had Gears too! 🙂 Yes, a proud owner of a bicycle 😉 Gear cycles were never there back then during my childhood days and it only came into market quite late with ‘Swing’ being the first one which I still remember

Flashback to childhood days, I had a small mini cycle first which was utilised to the max possible extent and due to the very thin tyres that it had, it would fly off in a jiffy. Speed was a thrill back then and I think there is nobody left in my neighborhood that have not complained to my mother about those speedy rides I had. :).

After hearing quite a lot of those, my father had a very smart idea and gifted me one of the bigger bicycles 🙂 My excitement had no bounds. The size of the new bicycle was atleast 5 times the one I had before which goes on to tell how much excited I was 🙂 The brand was Hercules MTB! Amongst my friends circle, mine was that amazing one which stood out and it added on to my excitement. My height did not permit me to sit on the seat and ride it but just had to manage by some way of riding called ‘Monkey Peddling’ whereby, I would have to put my legs between the horizontal rods in order to ride the bicycle. Even though it looked odd, I did not care and I was only happy about having a new bicycle. The smart thing that I spoke about my father was that, this bicycle had huge tyres and very thick ones which meant that, no matter how hard you peddle, for my strength it just wouldn’t run faster 😉 Even though he had to shell out 1,800 Rs for the cycle, yes it did cost so less back then, overall he won the battle and I was confined to slow rides thereafter.

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