Keep Life Simple!!

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Ever wondered actually how simple our life is and its we who make it complicated!

Yes, from the tiniest of things, we dig deep into it and make a mess out of the whole situation before finally being left out all alone in the cold unable to do anything about it. I know, its definitely not easy to keep everything simple in life. Some things are meant to happen which just complicates everything and you just cant let it be by itself. It keeps eating you over and over again.

During such times, the best thing is to do what you love to do :) My post for

When sometimes, I am blank and some thoughts just doesn’t go out of my mind, I do what I do best – Engage myself in work :) I know I am too much but yes, that helps me quite a bit. Beach and Music is one more thing which is definitely the best thing that can happen to self. With the cool breeze hitting your face and scattering your hair, the sound of waves slashing in front of you along with the soothing melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal ringing, you go into a state of trance which is nothing but bliss.  A long bike ride or a super long drive on the loveliest of the roads, it just gets on to you and definitely it makes you feel SUPER :)

If not for any of the above, you have your lovely parents and siblings and also the amazing bunch of friends who you can always rely on any time of the day throughout the year. All are just a phone call away and they can definitely get that pinch out of your mind :)

If not for the complete day, for that particular moment you will get out of the thought which was haunting you and your mind definitely will ease out and gradually you will learn how to Keep it Simple. By beginning to enjoy the tinniest of things happening around you and loving what you are currently doing will not only keep you mind at ease but also will help a lot to keep unwanted thoughts away. No, I am not saying they will vanish off. We are humans :P and some or the other problems have to come to us. But learning to keep life simple, helps us a lot to face any situation we come across big or small and come out victorious.

Belief in self and god will lead you to success in whatever you are doing. My word :)

Before I go on and on with my philosophy, I better end it with a small video which I am sure you will like :)


Out in the Open – Lovely Bike Ride

March 18, 2015 § 4 Comments

Thinking back of the 8 months I spent in Bengaluru with my brother, one of the many wonderful moment was that of the Nandi Hill bike ride with his group of friends. Must say, one of the beautiful ones till date, my write-up on #together for

It was suddenly planned ride over and we didn’t think much on what to do and what not to. Nandi Hills and the ride – It was a green signal :) The early morning wake up and the ride was delayed due to some reason (read it as sleep :P ) but we managed to start off by 6 from MG Road.

The best part of the ride being the other 2 bikes which accompanied us. Enfield vs The Hunk :D. I know, it’s not even a comparison to make. I duly remember, on the roads towards the airport with not much traffic, the enfields just zoomed away and even though we were clocking around 110-120 kmph ourselves on our Hunk, it just felt like riding a TVS Luna which is going at a speed of  40kmph ;) At such speed, my brothers hat went for a toss :P and he had to walk back almost half a km to go and fetch it amidst the traffic. It was indeed funny.

The bengaluru weather added on the beauty of the trip with all of us literally shivering by the time we reached Nandi Hills. The  tea stop just before the turn towards Nandi hills from the highway with Pancakes was really out of the world. Sometimes, it’s just these small shops which are the ones which serve food with utmost love and care to its customers that it makes it stand out from the rest and also does add-on the flavour somehow.

The only person not shivering and fully energetic even after riding around for 2 hours plus was none other than my HUNK :P His body had heated up so badly and he just was not in a mood to cool down despite of my extra efforts. On the other hand there were these 2 royal enfields just laughing away at this poor guy who just could not live up to the name HUNK :) I still have the HUNK with me, even though I rarely get to ride these days and I must say, even though it’s not for the long rides, the comfort that it provides is absolutely classic.

The scenery up there, even though the sun was already up and shining was so mesmerizing and with the cool breeze hitting up on us, it made the visit even more blissful. Sometimes or rather most of the times I must say, we tend to indulge ourselves into all the fake things surrounding us that we forget to enjoy the real beauty of nature.

Its been over 2 years now since that trip happened and I just am planning one more around April but this time on a new devil – Pulsar 200 NS :) If the bandwidth of people around you matches well then there is nothing like having a road trip.

Now that you have come so far, do take some time to watch the video below. The music is catchy. –


The Techie Cabbie!!

March 8, 2015 § 3 Comments

Cab Drivers – First thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word is that, people who could not study much during their college days and land themselves into a white-collar job and have now turned into Cab Drivers. Actually, if this is what you are thinking then its wrong in Singapore.

There are at least 3-4 fleets of taxi companies out here at Singapore and overall around 8000 taxis running havoc in the busy streets of Singapore without which our lives today here would have been in total chaos!

Let me explain how exactly the cab system works here at Singapore. The companies rent out the cars to the cab drivers with a daily minimum amount which the cabbie has to pay to the company even though he does not run the cab for whatever reasons know. Yes, you heard it right. A fixed amount each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year needs to given to the company and the taxi is yours for running. The fixed amount is based on the type of cab you get and do you know who most of the cab drivers are here? Those who were earning handsome salaries during their early days and now want to lead a normal happy life and just do a time-to-time shift riding cabs :)

I don’t know if this is a good habit or bad of mine that I tend to engage the cab drivers into a conversation right after I board and until I alight there is something that you will get to know from these cabbie or something that they would like to hear from you. Its fun at times and at other times if you happen to find a grumpy cabbie, the long drive is mostly boring ;)

On Friday, I happened to meet a mid 50s cabbie, a Malay uncle and after beginning to have an interaction and he knowing I am into the Software Industry, he was totally fascinated. He wanted to know more on the latest developments in technology, the way we code, the languages we use, the databases we use etc. Someone wanting to know about technology is fine, but someone wanting to know in-depth about technology, then definitely there seems to be something more to it than it looks from outside is what I thought. On talking more, I found out that, he was too into the IT Industry for over 12 years :) and was mentally tired of the complete environment and finally decided to give up. The most fascinating part for me was that, he was a hacker and had successfully hacked few bank based modules ( of course with prior permission of the government ) and had won accolades for doing so. It really made my day talking to him all through for approx 30 minutes.

I alighted by saying “Terima Kasih” – thank you in Malay which he was absolutely delighted to hear. It made my day seeing the huge smile on his face. :)

Next time you take a cab, indulge in a conversation with the cabbie. You never know what interesting things you will get to learn from them and say a simple ‘Thank you’ when you alight. That will make your and their day awesome as well :)


2nd Anniversary at Interlink :)

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Well, its been 2 years since I joined this company called Interlink Network Systems Pte. Ltd, Singapore! Wow, 2 years!!! Time has flown by so fast that in the blink of an eye, many wonderful things happen.

Looking back at the day I joined and today, I see in myself so much of a change which I have had to inculcate in order to get accustomed to this new life or rather a new beginning which was otherwise heading downstream and I am not sure to where. Ups and Downs in each ones life keeps coming and successful are only those who can withstand whatever comes through. No, its never easy and that’s when the power of family, friends, colleagues and more than anything else the divine presence if you believe in comes to your rescue.

I do not hesitate to say that I wasn’t anything until I joined in here and today I can proudly say I am something. Jai Mahalasa! She has never let me down in any point of life. What happens is for our own good, is one thing which is very hard to digest when everything is going against you but the more you believe in yourself and your ability then there is nothing that can stop you from digesting anything in this world!

I thank my parents and brother for being by me all through these years and giving the constant support whenever the tinniest of the things fell apart :)

Malshi, my saviour who has been by me, guiding me through enormous situations and instilling in me the confidence that I can do it. Jai Mahalasa!

My beautiful friends, colleagues and bosses without whom this success isn’t a success :)

Looking forward for many more years, to learn, implement and successfully deliver QUALITY Solutions!!


Time to get back to Blogging!

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Been ages since I even wrote something nice. So here goes, my life is at its amazing best 😊 Jai Mahalasa.

I always feel, I should blog about this, blog about that but to hell with me and my thinkings, I never blog. Hell lot of reasons for not doing so, nonetheless this will be a new start to many more to come this year.

Welcome 2015! You have already shown what you are capable of in many ways in just over a month and also have shown to me, what more amazing are in store 😊 I am eagerly waiting for those.

Will be back super soon with my Second Part of MCIS – which has been due since over 2 and half years 😉


An Amazing Week that was at Manipal – Heaven on Earth :)

August 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

Who doesn’t like the feeling of going home? Which person can contain the excitement of going home to meet your loved ones who mean the world to you? This feeling is absolutely splendid and cannot be described in words. I am happy to have got this feeling recently :)

In an off the topic discussion with my boss, suddenly came the topic of my moms birthday and next thing was that I was granted permission to fly back to India, to Manipal for 10 long days :)

The weeks leading to the travel were so amazing. Excitement was out of bounds with the feeling of being at home with your loved ones only thing in your mind all throughout the day. Finally the day arrived, 4th July, 10pm flight to Bangalore from Singapore.

List of delicacies to gulped down were already decided with mom waiting to prepare those. When you are home, nothing beats the feeling of having lovely mummy made food followed by a super awesome chat about all the neighbors and then a big nap :)

Manipal is splendid during the monsoons and it was a very pleasant weather throughout the week compared to that of Singapore which has terrible heat all day long.


Sanna Polo, Idli with Phanna Chutney ( chutney which has thadka with oil and curry leaf ), tomato omlet, mummy made yummy polo (dosa) , natural ice cream(rain or no rains, who can stop eating their ice creams).

A team lunch with off-shore guys, followed by a family outing to mangalore was absolutely amazing time spent. The new mall which has come up, Forum Fiza is so so huge, that once the shops gets filled up then it surely will be a place to be.

When at home, time flies so so fast that 10 days flew in a jiffy. The build up to the feeling of going home is so amazing and the way it ends, wish it could last same as the build up. :(

Nonetheless, it was definitely a time well spent on my moms birthday being with her which definitely means more than anything to me :)

Waiting for this feeling to come again soon ;)



iPad :)

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Blogging is one of the best things you can do provided you find time for it. ;) With twitter coming in definitely my blog count has drastically gone down and also work plus travel has taken its toll on my poor blog!


So here I am today blogging after quite long and thanks to this new gadget which came into my family yesterday – iPad :)

Been an apple fan since quite long but the day had not come till the start of the week. My team lead was planning to buy one which drove me to get one for myself. Thanks to her and also an apple employee who helped me get one of these beautiful gadgets through their family and friends scheme.

All in all, I have a new reason to blog now with the new thing coming in. Hoping to continue my visit to this space more often than earlier. :)



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