An Amazing Week that was at Manipal – Heaven on Earth :)

August 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

Who doesn’t like the feeling of going home? Which person can contain the excitement of going home to meet your loved ones who mean the world to you? This feeling is absolutely splendid and cannot be described in words. I am happy to have got this feeling recently :)

In an off the topic discussion with my boss, suddenly came the topic of my moms birthday and next thing was that I was granted permission to fly back to India, to Manipal for 10 long days :)

The weeks leading to the travel were so amazing. Excitement was out of bounds with the feeling of being at home with your loved ones only thing in your mind all throughout the day. Finally the day arrived, 4th July, 10pm flight to Bangalore from Singapore.

List of delicacies to gulped down were already decided with mom waiting to prepare those. When you are home, nothing beats the feeling of having lovely mummy made food followed by a super awesome chat about all the neighbors and then a big nap :)

Manipal is splendid during the monsoons and it was a very pleasant weather throughout the week compared to that of Singapore which has terrible heat all day long.


Sanna Polo, Idli with Phanna Chutney ( chutney which has thadka with oil and curry leaf ), tomato omlet, mummy made yummy polo (dosa) , natural ice cream(rain or no rains, who can stop eating their ice creams).

A team lunch with off-shore guys, followed by a family outing to mangalore was absolutely amazing time spent. The new mall which has come up, Forum Fiza is so so huge, that once the shops gets filled up then it surely will be a place to be.

When at home, time flies so so fast that 10 days flew in a jiffy. The build up to the feeling of going home is so amazing and the way it ends, wish it could last same as the build up. :(

Nonetheless, it was definitely a time well spent on my moms birthday being with her which definitely means more than anything to me :)

Waiting for this feeling to come again soon ;)



iPad :)

June 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Blogging is one of the best things you can do provided you find time for it. ;) With twitter coming in definitely my blog count has drastically gone down and also work plus travel has taken its toll on my poor blog!


So here I am today blogging after quite long and thanks to this new gadget which came into my family yesterday – iPad :)

Been an apple fan since quite long but the day had not come till the start of the week. My team lead was planning to buy one which drove me to get one for myself. Thanks to her and also an apple employee who helped me get one of these beautiful gadgets through their family and friends scheme.

All in all, I have a new reason to blog now with the new thing coming in. Hoping to continue my visit to this space more often than earlier. :)


One Hell of a Shopping Experience :)

April 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

I am a Gowda Saraswath Brahmin (GSB) – proud to be a Konkani guy :)

Why am I even telling this? Simple reason, Konkani’s love food, gold, clothing and cosmetics the most. Yes, exactly in that order and I am a big foodie but not the other two. I do not understand these different kinds of Gold Ornaments which my mom wears, they have some Khatarnak naming as well. For e.g: Misre Malle, Gajbaja and what not :P Nor do I understand the variety of saree which Konkani ladies love to buy. Really, I don’t understand a thing. Everything looks nice to me :)


Recently, my mom who uses some compact powder asked me to get one from Singapore which coming. I have been telling her I will get one since quite a long time but never did. So this time finally I decided I will get one no matter how busy my schedule is. Lucky for me, at my client place there was a fair for 3 days which consisted of all these cosmetics products from various brands and I was happy that I need not go cosmetic shop hunting on the streets to buy the genuine one. What followed when I went to buy one for mom was something really so embarrassing :P

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My New Found Wings

March 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Malaysian Airlines MH370 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing missing!

This was the first thing i saw on Saturday morning on 8th of March. It was the most horrifying thing that can happen to anyone who has their loved ones on board.

Just on Friday evening I had traveled back to Bangalore from Singapore via Malaysian Airlines itself and over the past 1 year I have been traveling quite frequently on the same carrier. To hear that the plane has just gone missing was a thunder bolt to me as I was due to fly back the next weekend and most probably by the same Malaysian Airlines carrier.

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Mangalore Car Festival – The Kodiyal Teru

February 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

Car festivals are highly popular events in India. The Puri Jagannath yatra is one that prominently flashes in our minds when we think of the Carfestivals. In South India, every major temple in most towns hold an AnnualCar (Chariot) festival. Just like Udupi’s Makara Sankramana 8 Carfestival which is famous all over,Mangalore Veera Venkatesha templeCar Festival is one which is known world wide amongst Gowda Saraswath Brahmins (GSB) Konkani’s. Held every year in the month of January/February on the day of RATHASAPTAMI. Read more

Kodiyal Teru


Photo Courtesy: Manju Neereshwallya, Studio XL


Hello 2014!

January 1, 2014 § 4 Comments

Hello All! :)

Been ages since I wrote something and finally here I am on the New Year somehow finally managing to write something.

2013 – It has just been splendid to me in all ways I must say. Professionally or Personally. Lot of things achieved and foundation laid down for many more. Sometimes it just happens, and when it happens you don’t want it to stop. For that something to happen “TIME” is crucial. When your time comes, you are the king and you have to make the most of it. 2013 has been such a kind to me I must say, with the opportunities I have received in all fronts I just cant thank god enough for it. Jai Mahalasa.

Ok, let me get out of the emotional scene and atleast jot down some beautiful moments of 2013 which are just worth cherishing through out my life.

1) Mukesh Kini U [ B.E, MS – Embedded Systems ] – Wohooo!!! Double degree status achieved, not just achieved, achieved with much much pride than the engineering one. This one’s definitely dedicated to my PARENTS, who have seen the worst because of me and now is the time to lift their head high up :)

2) Job - As I mentioned earlier, TIME is a crucial thing in one’s life and with that comes opportunity which I don’t know why, but somehow was deprived off till 2012. It did knock on my door and I welcomed it with open arms. I love what I am doing presently with some amazing things to learn each day, surrounded with people who are willing to answer your silliest of queries and basically contributing to building a amazing organization for years to come. I am more than happy with what I am doing :) Thanks to my boss for believing in me and giving me a opportunity. Thanks a ton.

3) I am going to FLY – My first ever transport via a FLIGHT ;) it did come true on March 8th to Singapore. I must say, I have had many more after that but that first one is always special. Just an amazing experience :)

4) Tata ELXSI – Internship was crucial after my 1st year of Masters and thanks to ELXSI for providing me a opportunity to work in a very good project. People around in Tata Elxsi were so amazing, I must say my eyes were moist on the last day of internship. It was just amazing to be a part of their cricket team and playing week in week out by enrolling into some amazing tournaments.

5) Onsite Opportunity –  I know how difficult it is for one to get a onsite opportunity, to work with clients right beside you ( though it is a terror being around them :P ) and learn things which sometimes takes ages if done offsite. Not just on the work front, travel to many places, face new people, learn about their culture and what not. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur the 2 places I frequently visited during 2013 was indeed pleasant. Amazing time it was :)

6) Happiness - All that one does, at the end of the day contentment is what is needed when you go back to bed. You should be happy of what you have done. I must say I am happy :) 2013 has been kind.

7) Chelsea – How can I forget football :) The timezone had its toll on me and to catch on footy was a biggest task. Premier League matches after 1am, Champions League matches at 5am and what not. This was really a crazy time to wake up and watch football, but I managed to catch up on quite a lot of those. Chelsea did disappoint me at times when I woke up at 5am to catch up on a match after ending the previous day at 2am. But nonetheless, football is football and its just amazing to be a part of the rant :)

8) Friends - Thanks to the whole bunch of friends I have at work and back at home, who have been there whenever necessary to pull my leg and get the hell out of it :) Without you guys, life is just pale.

There are many other things that has happened in 2013 which has made me understand what life is all about and what people are about. Its not always you get to feel something that others want from you, and when you feel that something is needed of you, that’s when you give your best. This is what I believe in and I am happy to have brought happiness to atleast a few who were around me if not more :)

No resolutions absolutely for 2014, as 2013 resolutions were a disaster and none achieved. So lets take life as it comes and be contented with what life throws at us. Good or bad, that’s the spice of it :)

A new year has begun, let us savour each moment of it, give it out best, lets keep the hope and keep the faith :)

Happy New Year!

Hoping to come around here more often than 2013 :P


Bangalore – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow !

January 29, 2013 § 8 Comments


Bangalore, the garden city or I can say, so-called Garden City!

Yes, its been 7 months and running now since have been here and every single day has been a new experience altogether. I must say, even though I am here since 7 months and even though I am so much in love with this city, it has never been a home to me. Yes, nothing like Manipal :)

I would love to put forth a few things which I love about Bangalore and a very few I hate.

1. Weather : Absolutely splendid compared to the hot humid climate of the coastal region. A ride at night makes yu feel just fantastic.

2. Food : Yeah, i know I am putting on weight but how can one forget to mention this. Any kind of food, you name it and you have it. Have visited quite some restaurants and the one I loved till date was “Chulha Chauki Da Dabha” in JP Nagar. Absolutely mind-blowing food and so is the ambience.

3. Travel : If you are a travel freak like me and you love bike rides then there hell lot of places in and around Bangalore which you can visit. Ramanagar is the one we recently visited. Mind blowing place.

4. Traffic : One of the disaster at Bangalore. I have read somewhere that nearly 2-3 thousand new vehicles come on road every day in this city. Same road, same width but each day more and more ppl flooding in.

Would just love to highlight a few things I have observed in terms of traffic -
a) The permissible decibel level is 65db whereas in Bangalore its above 88db. Just imagine this, and most of the contributors are vehicles.

Traffic signals, the light is red and even then educated fools who draw 5 digit salary,travelling by BMW’s, Mercs keep honking. If they honk does the light turn green or will the traffic disappear? Empty roads and even then people honk. Come on people, if we educated behave this way then how can we expect the uneducated to learn? There has been an initiative of NO HORN MONDAYS by the government. How many of you follow? If you don’t start now.

b) No traffic sense whatsoever for people of Bangalore. Every bloody fellow is in a hurry to reach home and an inch of space he finds he digs through. Bikes and auto rickshaws, these are the most dangerous ones. You are not even allowed to walk on the footpath. They come and fall under your feet.

c) Lot of initiatives are taken for sound pollution, but why are the auto rickshaws making such hell of a noise. I always feel like going over and inserting something in the silencers. Sickos. If government doesn’t come up with a solution for them, then its gonna be one hell of a thing.

d) My humble request to those who travel by this huge expensive vehicles. Keep it at home if you are so shit scared about getting a scratch or so, that you sit inside and keep cursing every other vehicle passing by. Your vehicle, your money. It will be safe in your parking lot at home than on road.

5. Parking : The house that are constructed in most of the areas are such that, what you do in your  bedroom can be heard next door and the most common thing everywhere is parking. Roads are the spacious parking lots for not just two wheelers but even for high-end four wheelers too ;)

6. Shopping : One of the best thing possible in Bangalore. From the costliest of shops in d malls and down to road side shops, you will get all that you ask for and also for some few hundred bucks provided you are good at bargaining. You make the shop keeper believe you are a localite of Bangalore via your kannada accent, it’s better for you. Else you feel the heat in your pockets ;)

7. Stay : Real estate is a booming thing in Bangalore and the rent is sky-high. Majority of the owners are ladies and dealing with them I need not explain. 10 month rent as deposit, no this, no that!! Even during my hostel days I had much more freedom ;)

8. Boundary : Today’s length is tomorrows breadth. Such is the state of Bangalore’s rising area. From north to south, east to west, just before Mysore there might be a place and people staying there too might call themselves Bangaloreans :)

9. Bangaloreans a minority community : Ever wondered, the amount of people flocking in to the city because of the IT sector, education etc etc., has left the original Bangaloreans a minority. Poor them, their very neighbour who once was a pakka bangalorean is now replaced by a tenant who is a wannabe bangalorean.

10. PEACE : Back in Manipal, we used to go to the parks, temples for the secluded environment and the amount of peace one gets from that particular place. SILENCE is one thing which is not at all found in BANGALORE. Parks are buzzing with walkers, joggers, a bunch of retired folks who keep chattering and mostly romantic couples who find it hard to rent a room for the good things they do sitting there. Most of all, temples, the place where one goes to find some peace is in such a mess that, forget peace, you hardly get to see the GODS face.

11. Bus Travel : Travelling by bus is one hell of thing. Peak hours and you get to hear some excellent SLOKAS from the commuters ;) . Conductors are the most wanted criminals here. Why so? Your ticket fair is 14 bucks and you give him a 100 rupee note. He writes 86 on back of the ticket and gives it to you so that you collect the change when you get down. When your stop is nearing, the conductor will be at the entrance and you will be at the back ready to get down. Either skip your stop or skip the money! Choice is yours :)

Day pass is such an amazing thing which BMTC has provided for commuters. You have some leisure time with you and want to roam around Bangalore for the whole day, Day Pass is the best. Morning 6 to late night 12, for around 40 bucks, you can travel anywhere and everywhere any number of times. The most funny thing is that, after 6 if you tend to visit Majestic ( the main bus station of Bangalore ) there will be people who will be even selling the bus passes which they have used for the whole day for lesser amount :P

Day pass is cheap, Night pass is cheaper ;)

12. Movies : Want to watch a movie then spend Rs.1500/- for two. 500 each for the tickets and roughly 500 bucks for the popcorn and cool drinks :P

13. Gullies : People are so fed up of traffic and the signals that every single person is on the look out for a GULLY route to reach his destination to avoid traffic and signals thereby making the GULLY roads the MAIN roads :P

I feel this post is nothing to what I have personally experienced over these 7 months :) Thanks to my brother Manoj for making my life at Bangalore a little easier by already going through the above and warning me regarding the same well before hand :)

Nonetheless, I LOVE BANGALORE and I am looking forward to many more years to come in this city.



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